Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition

Front view.

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Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued. this SUV is discontinued and it’s not in sale in 2023. besides this, you will get Safri Harrier Dark and RED Dark Edition. and in this blog, you will read a detailed review of the Kaziranga edition.

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  2. Introduction.
  3. Kaziranga National Park.
  4. Interior/Exterior design.
  5. Features & Colors.
  6. Specifications.
  7. Expert Opinion.
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Watch the review 2022 Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition.

About This Blog

  • Guys, I am back with another article today I am going to review the Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition.
  • In this interesting blog, you will get all the relevant information about the Harrier Kaziranga edition.
  • And you can contact me at Avinashsharma1342@gmail.com

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Introduction # official Tata Website # HD Images #

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Door In Open Position.
  • Tata Has introduced a variant called the Kaziranga edition across it all SUVs.
  • In this blog, I am featuring Tata Harrier Kaziranga with all its features.
  • And I can assure you, you will get the complete information about this SUV in this blog.
  • Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition price starts from ₹ 20,60,900/- for diesel Manual Harrier XZ + KZR.
  • And Harrier XZA+ Kaziranga with Diesel Automatic cost ₹ 21,90,900/-.
Watch 2022 edition Tata Harrier Jet Edition #Discontinued#

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Tata Kaziranga Edition Models

  • Kaziranga theme is available across all ranges with the same colours.
  • Like we have Tata Safari Kaziranga Edition and Tata Punch Kaziranga Edition.
  • Apart from that Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition and in this article I am reviewing Harrier Kaziranga Edition.

Other Popular Tata Cars

#Tata NexonTata Nexon EV.
# Tata AltrozTata Safari.
#Tata TigorTata Tigor EV

Tata Kaziranga Edition price (Last Recorded)

1.    Tata punch Kaziranga Edition₹ 8,58,900/- (Petrol Manual)

 ₹ 9,18,900/-  (Petrol Automatic)

2.    Tata Safari Kaziranga Edition₹ 21,39,900/-  (Diesel manual)

₹ 22,69,900/-  (Diesel Auto)

3.    # Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition₹ 20,60,900/-  (Diesel manual)

₹ 21,90,900/-  (Diesel Automatic)

4.    Tata Nexon Kaziranga Edition₹ 11,99,900/- (Petrol Manual)

₹ 13,29,900/- (Diesel Manual)

Watch the Tata Harrier ownership review.

About Kaziranga National Park (Map Location)

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
The elephant in the Kaziranga Park.
  • Kaziranga National Park is a part situated in the Golghat and Nagaon districts of the state of Assam India.
  • This park hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses and is a world heritage site.
  • The rhino population in Kaziranga National Park is 2,413.
  • The Forest region of Kaziranga Park is the home of the world’s largest population of Indian rhinoceros.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Single horned rhino
  • Other animals can be seen in the elephant, grass, and marshlands.
  • And the dense tropical moist broadleaf forests of Kaziranga are hillock Gibbon, Tiger, leopard, elephant, etc.
  • The best time to visit Kaziranga National Park is in summer during April & May.
  • Apart from that in Monsoon (June & September) & in winter (November & February). Read More

Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition Design

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front view.
  • Before starting the review I want to say that the Kaziranga edition is the same as the regular harrier.
  • I will focus only on the new design elements that have been added by the company.
  • And if one of you wanted to buy Harrier Kaziranga what it will offer to you.
  • So as I said the design has no change and looks almost similar to the regular harrier.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Right Three Quarter View.
  • When I saw this Harrier with Kaziranga edition it was grassland beige with a piano black roof.
  • I was impressed by the color and it’s a part of the Kaziranga theme.
  • Although you have many more colours of harrier this grassland colour makes you feel that you are in a special SUV.
  • Adding a premium look to this SUV is a black piano roof that also enhances the overall look.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Left Three Quarter view.
  • Now moving on to the second thing this Kaziranga Harrier gets Stain Black Rhino mascot on the front fenders.
  • Because Kaziranga Park is the home of Indian one-horned rhinoceros & this car is dedicated to rhinos.
  • Although you will find this rhino mascot in almost every place in the car.
  • That will always remind you that are on the Kaziranga Safari car.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Side View.
  • Besides this, since the harrier was launched its muscular rounded design impressed me a lot.
  • I am mentioning in case you don’t know that Harrier is based on Land Rover Discovery sport OMEGARC
  • It means the Tata Harrier chassis made up of high-strength steel offers high strength and reduces weight.
  • No one can say that Harrier has a low-built quality I have seen my times during collision.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Rear View.
  • Tata SUVs damaged another during a head-on collision or side collision.
  • And I have also had harrier turnover on the highway but passengers remain safe after accidents.
  • So that all about exterior design of Tata Harrier now have look on its feature.
  • Up front, we have Dual function LED DRLs with turn indicators.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Door In Open Position.
  • And headlights have been placed on the bumper these are Xenon HID projector’s lights.
  • Although the recently launched Mahindra XUV700 is more high-tech than Harrier.
  • But Harrier’s muscular design its high bonnet, muscular wheel arches & discovery 4-like design attracts me.
  • Moving on to the rear we have nice 3d LED taillights, a rear wiper & wash.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Tailgate in Open Position.
  • And Harrier is equipped with side cladding that prevents cars’ bodies from scratches.
  • Now click here to see Tata Harrier 360 View to get a visual taste.
  • And the images shown in this article show Tata Harrier ZXA+ Grassland Bridge colour.

What’s Tata Harrier Kaziranga Interiors Look like?

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
# Harrier Dashboard.
  • Let me tell you what I really think about this special edition.
  • Not all but this edition looks the same as the regular ones.
  • Automobile designers do this only to create visual effects for their cars.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Door Interior.
  • So that they can sell their product more and more to their customers.
  • Like at this time Tata Harrier Kaziranga Interiors looks the same as the regular
  • But they have added some nice ingredients to make their SUV tastier.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Bottle & Umbrella Accessories.
  • Let’s see what those ingredients are? They have added Topical Wood finished Dashboard.
  • That is inspired by the rich flora of Kaziranga Park reason behind it is to make the car look premium from the inside.
  • Now, remember what I said at the start of the blog that you will find the Rhino mascot in many places of this SUV.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Steering Wheel & Speedometer.
  • So Rhino Mascot can be seen on the headrest of front seats again reminding you that you are on the Special edition.
  • Although no doubt the seats are really nice and comfortable & Benecke Kaliko leather.
  • These dual-tone earthy beige seats feel comfortable and I really like them.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Front Seats.
  • I forgot to mention these seats have a ventilation function that keeps you cool on hot summer days.
  • Here comes another thing that is trying to make you feel that you are in an unpolluted fresh environment.
  • It has a built-in Air Purifier that keeps the cabin air quality index levels in check & shows air quality status on the centre screen.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition
Back Seat Organizer.
  • Now the images I have shown in this article are of harriers loaded with features.
  • On the driver’s side door, there is space for putting a water bottle and umbrella.
  • These are the accessories that also have a rhino mascot on them & great if you are on an adventure trip.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
Rear passenger Seats.
  • Apart from that my most useable accessory is the back seat organizer that is placed on the back side of the co-Driver seat.
  • This is good to carry so many things like paper, bottles & mobile phones, etc.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
The rear Door is in the open position.
  • And I think I have mentioned enough features of this Harrier feature.

Tata Harrier Kaziranga features

Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
Steering Wheel & Gear Knob.
  • We have talked a lot about the Harrier Kaziranga model now let’s have a look at the feature we have got.
  • When you sit inside the Kaziranga Harrier it will impress you with its design & feature.
  • Customers will get 9 JBL speakers (4 Speakers + 4 Tweeters & subwoofer) with an amplifier.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
Touch Screen & A.C Control.
  • And there is a beautifully 22.35 cm (8.8”) touch screen placed in between the dash.
  • Below the touch screen, there are some buttons to control Fully Auto temperature control.
  • And on the center console, you do get 2 cup holders, a Gear knob, drive mode selector & armrest with storage.
  • Besides this, there is a large sunroof that gives you a good view of the outside during your journey.
  • Other features like power steering, Auto headlamps, power windows & cruise control are also available.
  • I have mentioned a few features to know more get Tata Harrier Brochure.

Performance & Mileage of Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition

Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
2.2 L Diesel engine.
  • Now here comes my favourite part the performance of the Tata Harrier engine.
  • The company is offering currently only one diesel engine option along with Auto/manual transmission.
  • And unfortunately, we are not going to get any four-wheel-drive option with any of the Tata SUVs.
  • So the performance figures are Tata Harrier engine cc is 1956 cc.
  • This is a 4-cylinder, four-stroke direct-injection turbocharged engine.
  • That develops 170 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque coupled with 6-speed auto & Manual transmission.
  • Although a 6-speed automatic gearbox is a torque converter unit used to deliver a smooth riding experience.
Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition XZA 2022 ₹ 21.7L Discontinued.
Harrier 360 Degree View.
  • Now you might be thinking about mileage figures I have to say impressive.
  • Tata harrier Mileage for diesel automatic is 14.6 km/l & Tata harrier Mileage for Diesel Manual is 16.35 kmpl.
  • Mileage is great considering the size of the vehicle and it’s the mileage that you will get on the highway.
  • This Kryotech engine also powers the Tata Safari, MG Hector, jeep compass, fiat bravo & Alfa Romeo giulietta.
  • Performance is great on the highway and in the city & offers great pulling power.
  • The suspension is also nice and offered good ride comfort over bad roads.

Engine Specifications

TypeKryotec 2.0 l Turbocharged Engine
Fuel, Emission normDiesel BS6
Capacity, cylinders1956 cc, In-line 4-cylinders
Max Power: kW @ r/min125 kW (170 PS) @ 3750 rpm
Max Torque: Nm @ r/min350 Nm@1750-2500

6-Speed Automatic/6-Speed Manual

Tata Harrier Dimensions LXWXH4598 x 1894 x 1706 mm (width without mirrors)
Wheelbase (mm)2741
Boot Space425 Liters.
Boot Space with Rear Seats folded810 Liters.
SuspensionIndependent, Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with Coil Spring & Anti Roll Bar
Rear SuspensionSemi-independent Twist blade with Panhard Rod & Coil Spring
Brakes Front & RearDisc & Drum.
wheels236/65 alloy wheel with 235/70 R16 spare wheel.
Seating capacity5 person.
Fuel tank Capacity50 Liters

Tata Harrier colours

  • Harrier is offering seven exciting colours including Kaziranga’s beige colour.
  • And if you want my opinion about colours I love Grassland beige colour, Tropical mist & calypso red colour.
  • Tata Harrier Colors are Grassland beige colour, Oberon Black, Royale Blue, Tropical mist, Calypso Red, Orcus White, and Daytona grey colour.

# Tata Harrier Safety Rating

  • Harrier’s stunning impact design 2.0 not only looks appealing but provides enough safety to the passengers.
  • I am really happy to see Tata Harrier’s Safety rating is 6 this score is provided by NCAP.
  • Let see how Tata made a car with a safety rating of 6 stars it’s only be possible by Jaguar & Land Rover.
  • Its OMEGARC is derived from Land Rover’s Legendary D8 platform.
  • This OMEGARC platform consists of a Monocoque construction that offers optimized torsional and bending stiffness.
  • That helps to keep the weight at a minimum and provides an efficient crumple zone. Read More.

Tata Harrier Configurations (Last Recorded)

  • Tata is currently offering a total of 20 configurations of Harrier.
  • The Base variant name is Tata Harrier XE & top model of the Harrier is XZA+.
  • So Tata Harrier configuration I have mentioned below with prices.
1.    Tata Harrier XE (Base Model)₹ 14 69 900/-
2.    Tata Harrier XM


3.    Tata Harrier XMA

₹ 16 09 900/-
₹ 17 39 900/- Automatic
4.    Tata Harrier XT₹ 17 39 900/-
5.    Tata Harrier XT+₹ 18 19 900/-
6.    Tata Harrier XT+ Dark₹ 18 54 900/-
7.    Tata Harrier XTA+₹ 19 49 900/- Automatic
8.    Tata Harrier XTA+ Dark₹ 19 84 900/- Automatic
9.    10.    Tata Harrier XZ₹ 18 79 900/-
10.                       Tata Harrier XZ+₹ 20 39 900/-
11.                       Tata Harrier XZ+ Dark₹ 20 74 900/-
12.                       Tata Harrier XZA₹ 20 09 900/- Automatic
13.                       Tata Harrier XZA+₹ 21 69 900/- Automatic
14.                       Tata Harrier XZA+ Dark₹ 22 04 900/- Automatic
15.                       Tata Harrier XZAS₹ 21 29 900/- Automatic
16.                       Tata Harrier XZAS DARK₹ 21 64 900/- Automatic
17.                       Tata Harrier XZS₹ 19 99 900/-
18.                       Tata Harrier XZS DARK₹ 20 34 900/-

My Opinion about Tata Harrier Kaziranga Edition

  • After searching a lot I came up with a decision the Kaziranga Tata Harrier is a great SUV to buy.
  • Tata Harrier car offers a powerful engine and head-turning design.
  • On the other hand interior of, Tata Harrier looks & feels more premium.
  • And Tata Harrier is offering 205 mm of ground clearance that offers superior drivability over bad roads.
  • On the other hand, Tata Harrier Sunroof is really large it almost makes you feel the outside environment.
  • And guys Tata Harrier is not available in the 7-seater variant it’s available only in the 6-seater.
  • Tata Harrier Dark Edition & Tata Harrier Camo Edition are also available currently.

In this article, I have tried to mention all the details as much as possible.

I hope you will like this article & please do share it with your friends.


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