2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

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2024Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV. we are saying this because there is a couple of SUVs available in the market which is similarly capable and less expensive than the Fortuner Legender. On the other hand, these SUVs feel premium on the inside.

We know that the Toyota Fortuner is the 1 SUV in the Indian market and became a status symbol for many businessmen, politicians, and off-road enthusiasts. but there is another truth it doesn’t feels premium as the other SUV. if you want to know about these SUVs then read this blog last.2023 toyota fortuner legender reviews.

And Toyota Fortuner legender price starts from Rs 42,82,000/- (4X2 AT) and goes up to Rs 46,54,000/- for (4X4 AT) models. and at last, we will tell you about another SUV that is better than the Fortuner.

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

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is fortuner worth buying in 2024?

yes, definitely Toyota fortuner is a popular SUV here in India, Australia, Asia etc. Beside this you will get a powerful engine that makes this SUV cover up to 5 lakh kilometers. it has high-quality interiors and features. below we have explained All toyota fortuner models along with images and price.

First Read Toyota Fortuner Legender 2023 Review.

Watch New Fortuner Modellista Edition Review.

In this blog, we have provided a review of Toyota Fortuner’s four models along with price, interior and exterior, images and videos. read below. Also, click here to see the Brochure of Fortuner and HD Images.

  1. Toyota Fortuner Legender Review.
  2. Toyota Fortuner GR-S Review.
  3. Toyota Fortuner 2.8l 4×4 mt Review.
  4. Toyota Fortuner Leader review.

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Toyota Fortuner Legender Price

Legender 2.8L 4X2 ATRs 42,82,000/-
Legender 2.8L 4X4 ATRs 46,54,000/-

Why the Toyota Fortuner is so popular?

So here we will try to find out Why the Toyota fortune is so popular? so to understand this we need to see its exterior and interior design and also what kind of features comes with this SUV. below we have shown various images of the exterior and interior that helps you to find out the answer. Read More

Toyota Fortuner Legender Interior “Outdated”

I have seen lots of SUVs that come at the same price as the Fortuner and their interiors look and feel more premium than it. but the fit and finish are good and the interior quality feels solid but when I sit on another SUV I really think that Toyota should change the interior design of its SUV. Read More

Toyota Fortuner Legender mileage

During the test, we get our SUV tank full and we covered almost 150 km during the test again we tank up our SUV and then we calculated manually and we found Fortuner Legender delivered 11.8 km/l mileage. and one more thing this test is done on the highway at a speed of 80-100 km/h.

And ARAI mileage of the Fortuner is 12 km/l. this was the automatic vehicle we were using.

ECO14 km/L
NORMAL13.7 km/L
SPORT13.1 km/L.
SPORT at speed above 80 km/h11.8 km/L.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Top Speed

Top Speed195 kmph.

Toyota Fortuner GR-S Review Detailed 2023

Watch Toyota Fortuner GR-S model review.

INTRODUCTION {official website}

Toyota Fortuner GR-S is another model of the regular Fortuner and it looks identical to the regular Fortuner the exterior and interior design is also the same so in this paragraph I will only mention the thing you will get extra with this model.Read More

Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×4 MT (Regular Model) Review

Watch Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4X4 AT Review.

Toyota Fortuner Price (Diesel)

Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×2 MTRs 35,09,000/-
Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×2 ATRs 37,37,000/-
Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×4 MTRs 38,93,000/-
Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×4 AT (Top Model)Rs 41,22,000/-

Toyota Fortuner Price (Petrol)

Toyota Fortuner 2.7L 4×2 MTRs 32,59,000/-
Toyota Fortuner 2.7L 4×2 ATRs 34,18,000/-
These are ex-showroom prices we have shown and to get the exact on-road prices please visit your nearest Toyota dealership.

Toyota Fortuner 2.8L 4×4 MT & AT


We all know that the Toyota Fortuner is the most popular SUV in India and many other international markets like the Australia, Phillipense, Thailand and UAE. and the models we get in the global markets are almost the same as the Indian market. Read More

Toyota Fortuner LEADER 2023 Review (Not Available For India).

Toyota Fortuner Leader Price

Fortuner LeaderRs 32 Lakh/- (approx)
Watch a walkaround review of Fortuner Leader.

Toyota Fortuner Leader is a more affordable model of the existing Toyota Fortuner Legender and its design is a combination of regular fortuner and the legender. in this SUV you will get the same front design as the Legender but you have the headlights of the regular fortuner. and the rest of the thing is the same. Read More

Toyota Fortuner Service Cost

So service costs differ according to the kilometres you have covered. below you can see how much you need to pay for the service according to km. Read More

Toyota Fortuner Legender Specifications

All fortuner model gets the same engine and transmission.

Displacement2755 cm3 (cc) Diesel
2694 cm3 (cc) Petrol
Valve TrainDouble Overhead Camshaft [DOHC], 16-Valve
Cylinder Nos. Layout4-Cylinder, In-Line
Max. Output150 kW [204 PS] @ 3000-3400 rpm
122 kW (166 PS) @ 5200 rpm
Max. Torque500 Nm @ 1600 – 2800 rpm AT
420 Nm (MT) @ 1400 – 3400 rpm
245 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Transmission6AT [Sequential Shift + Paddle Shift + Shiftlock].
5MT (Petrol)
Front SuspensionDouble Wishbone
Rear Suspension4-Link With Coil Spring
Brake Front & RearVentilated Discs.
Tyre265/60 R18 (4WD)
265/65 R17 (2WD)
StabilizerPitch & Bounce Control
Drive Type2wd & 4wd
Ground Clearance225 mm.

My Opinion

as we said that Toyota Fortuner Legender 2023: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV so there are a couple of SUVs are there in the market which look more premium and available at a less price as compared to the fortuner The first SUV is Mahindra Scorpio N, jeep Meridian, MG Gloaster, & ford endeavour.

I personally like the Mahindra Scorpio N because it is available at the half price of the fortuner and feels more premium than the Scorpio and also comes with the 4wd system.

On the other hand, if you like a bigger SUV with More road presence than an MG Gloster you should buy it. yes MG doesnt have a good service network but its seriously capable & Luxury SUV

Mahindra Scorpio N Z8

Watch a detailed review of Mahindra Scorpio N.

This is the 7-seater top model of the Mahindra Scorpio N it has it has all the features you need in a luxury SUV it had a panoramic sunroof, more comfortable seats, more responsive touch screen. besides it’s a four-wheel-drive SUV that comes with proper High and low ratios.

And its interiors are much better than the fortuner and its cost Rs 24,51,499/-

Jeep Meridian 4wd

Comparison review of jeep meridian and Toyota Fortuner.

Jeep brand is known for its off-road SUVs and Jeep Meridian is one of them. it comes with the proper four-wheel drive system with 9-speed automatic transmission. it has 2.0 liters diesel engine which produces less power but is good to cruise on the highway. besides this, it has a really wonderful interior much better than the fortuner. it cost Rs 32.95 Lakh.


MG Gloster is one of the most premium and off-road capable SUVs you can buy. this SUV is powered by 2.0 Liters diesel engine that pumps 218PS power and 480 Nm of torque. and it also has a four-wheel drive system to tackle off-road situations.

On the other hand, MG Gloster also has a premium interior and a large panoramic sunroof and it has a spacious third row which is suitable for adults. it starting price Rs 32 Lakh.

FAQ on Fortuner Legender

What is the difference between Fortuner and Legender?

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

Actually, Fortuner and Legender are the same SUVs in terms of Powertrain and interior design. both SUV Legender and Fortuner have the same 2.8L diesel engine. the basic difference is Legender has a more sharp and slick front facia. like new bumper and headlights and also has a black roof. whereas Fortuner has different design headlights and a rounded front bumper. Besides this interior of both SUVs is the same Fortuner comes with a black and beige interior and Legender has a black & Marron interior only.

Which car is Big Fortuner or MG Gloster?

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

Actually, MG Gloster is big SUV than the fortuner in terms of interior space and dimension. and also MG Gloster has the most spacious third row as compared to the fortuner. The size of MG Gloster has 4985mm in Length, 1926mm in width and 1867 in height. the wheelbase of mg gloster is also more than the fortuner which is 2950mm. so MG Gloster is more significant than the Fortuner.

Which model of Fortuner is best?

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

If you love attractive design that Toyota Fortuner Legender should be your choice. and Regular fortuner is the best in my opinion because all the fortuner model comes with the same 2.8 litres diesel engine. and Legender and GR-S models are more expensive than the regular model and only have some minor changes in design. so a regular fortuner is the best.

Which is the most luxurious Fortuner?

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

Well, all the fortuner models have the same interior and features. so it is difficult to say which is the most luxurious fortuner. but I have seen the regular fortuner which had a beige colour interior that feels premium. Although there are many SUVs like MG Gloster, Jeep Meridian and Mahindra Scorpio N feel more premium than this SUV.

Why Indians buy Fortuner?

2024 Toyota Fortuner Legender: We Can Suggest You a Better SUV

Because we Indians first see the design of the vehicle before buying it. so when Toyota fortuner launched in India it was the best looking and most powerful SUV in India. now we have a Toyota fortuner which has an attractive exterior design and a powerful engine. also, it has great resale value and Toyota reliability. this is the reason people hesitate of buying MG Gloster as compared to fortuner.

In this blog, we tried to provide information more than we can and we hope that we have cleared all your queries. if you have more questions about this SUV then you can Email us at Avinashsharma1342@gmail.com.

Thank You.

Avinash Sharma (Blogger).

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