5 Major problems that comes when you buy a Ktm Bike. you should know about this.

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Problem no 1

Problem no 1

If you are buying 390 cc ktm thatn you will face OVER HEATING issue. and it increase during City ride. it happens due to powerfull engine.

Problem no 2

Problem no 2

Agressive riding position. if you are not habitual of sports bike than you will feel back pain and wrist pain. and this sitting position is not ideal for long rides.

Problem no 3

STIFF SUSPENSION. yes due to sporty performance this bike comes with wp stiff suspension to deliver cornering stability. and if you have back pain then its not for you.

Problem no 4

POWER DELIVERY. Ktm bikes are designed for racing. hence deliverd power without hasitation. but if you want to ride slow in the city engine feels jerky.

Problem no 5

STIFF SEATS. all Ktm bikes comes with stiff seats. so it gets difficult some time to ride these bike on long routes and pillion remain uncomfortable due to raised tail portion.