Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?

Force Gurkha

# Force Gurkha Modified #

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Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you? Force Gurkha’s price starts from Rs 14,75,000/- ex-showroom and it comes with an FM CR 2596 Liters 4-cylinder Diesel engine with turbocharged technology. & it develops 90 Horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. this engine comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox & you can get 11.59 kmpl mileage & a top speed of close to 125 kmph. Read More

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Whats new in the force gurkha 4X4X4?

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Force gurkha 4X4X4 review.

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About this blog

watch a detailed review of Forse Gurkha.
  • Hey guys I am glad to represent the New 2022 Force Gurkha 4X4X4.
  • And I will tell you about this great SUV’s price, features, and performance.
  • In Case you want to contact me at

Introduction # Force official Website # HD Images #

Force Gurkha
2021 Gurkha Orange Color
  • Gurkha Car is designed and produced by Force Motors India.
  • It’s a four-wheel-drive vehicle designed primarily for adventure.
  • Whereas Mahindra Thar is the only competitor of force Gurkha.
  • Now force Gurkha 2021 to get new interior and exterior updates and an engine.
  • Besides this, the force Gurkha 2021 price is ₹ 14,75,000/- Ex-Showroom comes with only one variant.

Force Gurkha price

Model On-Road Price
Gurkha 4X4X4₹ 15,10,000 Lakh
Force Traveller price₹ 17.16-21.79 Lakh
Force Trax price₹ 12.66 Lakh

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How does Force Gurkha 2022 look from the outside?

Force Gurkha
Front View.
  • Before starting the review I want to say that force Gurkha 3 door is not popular in India.
  • And I haven’t seen any of the Gurkha on the road till now not even a single time.
  • Whereas force designed Gurkha to compete with the Mahindra Thar.
  • And Mahindra Thar is getting popular in India and offering attractive design & performance.
Force Gurkha
Front Right Three Quarter View.
  • Well, a force designed Gurkha for off-roading not for ambling around in the city.
  • But I have to say that this new Gurkha car looks much better than the previous one.
  • Now today we will talk about why Gurkha Force is not popular in India.
  • First, its exterior design looks boring and does not look as premium as Thar.
Force Gurkha
Side View.
  • The second thing is Force Motors designed this car for adventure not for daily commutes.
  • Although the 2021 design is improved still not enough to appeal to you.
  • Although it looks tough outside its design reminds you of a Mercedes Benz G 4X4 Squared.
  • Besides this Gurkha, 4X4 gets full LED headlights that are first in this segment.
Force Gurkha
Rear View.
  • Not even Thar LX is offering LED headlights and indicators on the top of fenders.
  • Apart from that front grille and bumpers’ design are completely changed.
  • Now it comes with a GURKHA badge on the centre of the grille that looks much better than before.
  • Other than this customers will get Side cladding all around to protect vehicles’ bodies during the adventure.
Force Gurkha
Tail Gate In Open Position.
  • And these times rear windows are larger which is enough to give you a safari-like feeling from inside.
  • Moving on the rear we have a single-piece door with a spare wheel mounted on it.
  • And a tow hook and rear footstep to make it in and out of the car easy.
  • As I said in the beginning Gurkha is a purpose-built car because of the front right fender.
Force Gurkha
Gurkha In Green Color.
  • There is an Air Snorkel is provided to increase the water wading capacity by 700 mm.
  • Now many people don’t know about Air Snorkel let me tell you what exactly it is.
  • Its remains are attached to the air filter and during a river crossing, it prevents water from coming in.
  • At last, I want to say yes it does not look as premium as Mahindra Thar but it feels really solid.
Watch Detailed Comparision of Force gurkha with Mahindra thar.

Colours Available for Force Gurkha

  • Our Gurkha is now available in five exciting colours so let’s have a look.
  • It’s Red, Green, White, Orange, and Grey & in this blog, I am showing force Gurkha Green colour.
  • Force Gurkha Red & Orange looks really well and just to be honest I like all the colors.

New 2021 Force Gurkha interior

Force Gurkha
  • Now let’s get into the car and try to find out why people are hesitating to spend their hard-earned money on it?
  • When I looked at this car from the inside I found really basic interiors.
  • I mean Force motors improved the interior as we have got in force Gurkha Extreme.
Force Gurkha
Dark Interior.
  • The built quality is below average and the interior’s black color looks boring.
  • Apart from that if you step inside the Mahindra Thar then you can understand why it’s growing popular.
  • Now let’s have a look at what features Force is offering in Gurkha Car?
Force Gurkha
Touch Screen and A.C Controls.
  • Force is offering a 17.78 cm touchscreen with four speakers with USB/FM/Bluetooth.
  • Apart from that, I am happy the Force is offering Android Auto & Apple Car play in it.
  • Besides this Manual A.C & Heater, Power windows, central locking, Dual USB Socket & 12V outlet is available.
  • One thing I have to say seats are really comfortable and offer a lot of space inside them.
Force Gurkha
Center Console.
  • And getting inside the Gurkha 4X4 is much easier than the Mahindra Thar.
  • I am saying that because the Gurkha tailgate opens side-wise and there is a passage between the rear seats.
  • That helps people to come from the rear and the footrest on the rear and side footstep makes it easier.
  • The rear seats are comfortable with space more than the Mahindra Thar LX.
Force Gurkha
Front Seats.
  • And offeres more room for stretching legs and headroom is also great and doesn’t make you feel cramped.
  • Adding more fun to the rear seat is its large side window but unfortunately, they are of fixed type.
  • Now moving on to the center console you will get a 5-speed gear knob with a 4X4 shifting knob.
Force Gurkha
Rear Seats.
  • Apart from that two differential mechanical locking levers are mounted on both sides of the gear knob.
  • Besides this two power window switches also sits on the center console.
Force Gurkha
Driver Side Door Open.
  • On an all-force Gurkha looks much better than before and I have shown the latest interior images of Gurkha in this blog.

Force Gurkha Modified with Images

Modified Force Gurkha Must Watch.
  • When I visited the 2020 auto expo there I saw a force Gurkha modified that looks much larger than a regular Gurkha.
  • And that modified Gurkha reminded me of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 500 4X4 squared.
Force Gurkha
# Force Gurkha Modified #
  • I have seen both vehicles that’s why I am saying this one more thing Gurkha is currently using a Mercedes engine.
  • Now let’s come to the topic that Modified Gurkha was clearly built for extreme off-roading
  • And the company added some adventure-ready necessary equipment to make it more reliable.
  • Like a massive bulbar on the front with an electric wrench attached to it.
  • Apart from that large snorkel and mud-terrain tires of 40/13.5 R17 deeply treaded mud tires.
  • These tyres were really large even a big rock could be easily passed underneath the car.
  • On the other hand, I have seen some protective body works on force Gurkha Modified.
  • Like side body cladding, hanging footrests, and two ladders mounted to climb on the car.
  • Apart from that four auxiliary lights were counted on the roof for excellent visibility at night.
  • So these are some highlights of the modified BS6 force Gurkha that I have seen.

Force Gurkha Rainforest challenge # Watch Video #

Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
RFC Gurkah 2018 Auto Expo.
  • At the 2018 auto expo, I also saw the modified Gurkha that was designed for Rain rainforest challenge.
  • That car was upgraded in 2015 and won the RFC rainforest challenge.
  • When I saw that car I was amazed to see how large this Gurkha is.
  • Because it had larger 37-inch wheels and independent front suspension.
  • Apart from that Gurkha RFC 4X4 had Eaton locking differential.
  • The power of the SUV is 4 cylinders, an inline Common Rail Diesel engine.
  • That produces 140 hp and 321 nm of torque and a 5-speed gearbox with 4X4 High and the low ratio was available.

2022 Force Gurkha Mileage and Performance

Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
2.6 L Diesel Engine.
  • Previous force Gurkha Extreme was available with a 2149 cc, 4cylinder inline engine.
  • That engine was able to produce 140 hp and 321 Nm of torque.
  • But this engine is discontinued and the 2596 cc Common rail BS6 engine is currently powering Gurkha.
Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
4X4 High & Low Ratio Selector.
  • This 2596 cc engine develops 91 hp and 250 Nm of torque which produces lower power than before.
  • Along with it 5-speed manual transmission with a 4X4 high & low ratio gearbox comes.
  • Yes, this car has real off-road capability and on-road performance is average.
  • I am saying this because on light throttle inputs below 90 kmph engine feels calm.
Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
Diffrential Locking Levers.
  • And about 100 kmph engine really struggles to give its best and Gurkha’s top speed is 125 kmph.
  • Well as I said is not designed for this and due to this Mahindra Thar gives a strong performance on the highway.
  • Although the Gurkha engine is quiet there is very little vibration felt on the steering.
  • Talking about Mileage Force Gurkha’s mileage claimed by ARAI is 17.0 kmpl that’s great.
4X4 Drive with A.C10.28 kmpl.
2WD with A.C (Before 1st Service)10.96 kmpl.
2WD with A.C (After 1st Service)11.59 kmpl.

How does the new force Gurkha perform off-road?

Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
# Gurkha Wheel Articulation#
  • Force Gurkha SUV is a really good off-road machine and its journey starts where the roads end.
  • Yes, I am saying true this Gurkha SUV is capable of doing what very few SUVs can do.
  • And for great performance, we really thank its 37-degree approach angle & 33 degrees departure angle.
  • The ramp break-over angle is 25 degrees and Gurkha 4X4 can easily climb up to 35 degrees uphill.
Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
# Gurkha Off-Roading.
  • Now as we know Air Snorkel comes with the car & it helps SUVs easily cross deep rivers up to 700 mm.
  • On the centre console 4X4 high and low ratio selector is mounted to engage 2h/4h & 4l.
  • I have explained this in my previous Mahindra Thar blogs so you can check it.
  • And there are two mechanical locking differential levers placed on both sides of the gear knob.
Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
@ Gurkha Passing through Jungle.
  • The left side lever locks the front differential and the right side lever locks the rear differential.
  • To lock you have to stop the vehicle pull and turn the lever to lock the differential.
  • And I have to say that Gurkha Car has to go anywhere capability it doesn’t let you down in any condition.

Force Gurkha specifications

EngineF.M 2.6 CR BS6
Type4-Cylinders Common Rail TCIC.
Displacement2596 cc
Max Power67 kW, 91 HP @ 3200 rpm
Max Torque250 Nm @ 1400-2400 rpm


Brake typeDual Circuit Hydraulic Brake, Vacuum Assisted.
Front/Rear BrakesDisc/Drum (ABS/EBD)

Steering Wheel

Steering TypeHydraulically Assisted Power Steering.
AdjustmentTilt and Telescope adjustable.
Turning Circle Radius5.65 Meters

Wheels & Tyres

Rim TypeAlloy Wheels.
Tyre TypeTubeless Radial.
Tyre Size245/70 R16


Air Intake SnorkelYes.
Water Wading Capacity700 mm.
Grade ability35 Degrees – 4X4 Mode.


Wheelbase2400 mm.
Length (Overall)4116 mm.
Width (Overall)1812 mm.
Height (Overall)2075 mm.
Front Track1490 mm.
Track Rear1480 mm.
Boot Space500 Liters.
Cabin Volume3900 Liters
Cabin Height1232 mm.
Ground Clearance 210 mm

Force Gurkha Features

The company is offering some of the basic features with The Gurkha SUV like

  1. Heater and Air Conditioner.
  2. Power Windows.
  3. Central Locking.
  4. 12 V Accessories Socket.
  5. Type Pressure Monitoring System.
  6. Dual USB Socket front & Rear.
  7. Air Bags Driver / Co-Driver.
  8. Rear Parking Sensors.
  9. Cornering Lamp.
  10. Front fog lamp.
  11. LED Headlights with SRLs.

What are the Other Gurkha Force variants?

  • There were three models produced by Force that is Force Gurkha Extreme, Force Gurkha Explorer, and Forces Gurkha Expedition.
  • Gurkha Extreme was available with a 2149 cc, 4-cylinder Diesel engine of 140 hp and 320 Nm torque.
  • And Gurkha Explorer was available with 3 Doors and 5 Doors options.
  • And powered by a 2596 cc, 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine with 85 hp and 230 Nm of torque.
  • The last model is Gurkha Expedition which was available in 5 5-door model with the same 85-hp engine.
  • But all these models are discontinued as far as my knowledge goes.

Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?

Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?
Mahindra Thar Vs Gurkha.
  • Now, most of you are still in this confusion that which car you should buy Gurkha or Thar.
  • See it’s clear that if you want an off-road capable car it’s okay if it does not look stylish.
  • Then you should definitely buy Force Gurkha because it offers great adventure performance.
  • But if you want both high-speed performance as well as off-road performance then you should buy Mahindra Thar.

FAQ on Force Gurkha 4X4X4

  1. Q1-Is Force Gurkha 7 seater?

    Ans- No, Force Gurkha only comes with a 4-seater and the second row comes with two large captain seats & Gurkha second-row seats are much better than the seats we have in Mahindra Thar.

  2. Q2-Is Force Gurkha worth buying?

    Ans- Yes, definitely but this car is only for those who love to go off-road and doesnt care about the design and features. and if you are one of those who loves to drive fast and want features then don’t buy it.

  3. Q3- Why is Force Gurkha called 4X4X4?

    Ans- 4×4 shows that I have power on all four wheels and another X4 shows that it can be driven on Rain/Snow/Slush & Rocky trails.

  4. Q4-Is Gurkha good for a long drive?

    Ans- Yes, if you are one of those who love to drive at constant speed then you can drive it at 100 kmph all day but above 110 km/h engine struggles to build this car is designed for off-roading, not for high speed.

  5. Q5-What is the top speed of Force Gurkha?

    Ans- well during the test we found that Force Gurkha is able to 125 kmph but the company claims that it can go up to 140 kmph.

  6. Q6-Is Force Gurkha good for daily use?

    And- yes, its engine and gearbox deliver power in such a manner that you dont need to change gear frequently in the city traffic.

  7. Q7-Is Force Gurkha good as a family car?

    Force Gurkha

    Ans- Well, if you have 4 family members than you can consider it but you can seat more than four people in it so its not a family car.

  8. Does Force Gurkha have power steering?

    Ans- yes, Force Gurkha comes with a hydraulic power steering system that is very light to use.

  9. Q9-What is snorkel in Gurkha?

    Force Gurkha

    Ans-Actually snorkel is a pipe that remains connected with the air filter and when a vehicle passes through deep water it helps the vehicle to breathe as this pipe is mounted high from the air filter.

  10. Q10-Is Force Gurkha automatic?

    Force Gurkha 4X4X4 VS Thar 4X4 which is better for you?

    Ans- No, it only comes with synchromesh type manual 5-speed gearbox with high and low transfer case connected with it.

This blog is completely written by me and I have tried to tell and everything about Gurkha SUV in this blog.

If you like this blog please share this with your friends.

Thank You.

Avinash Sharma (Blogger)

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