BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

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BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice? yes, many people are confused about which bike is better for them BMW G310RR or TVS Apache RR 310. because both the bike has same design and features. but the biggest difference comes in their prices.

BMW G310RR has ₹ 3,00,000/- Price tag whereas TVS Apache RR 310 is available at ₹ 2,72,000/-. these price figures are ex-showroom. some people like BMW and some people like which bike is the find this you need to read this blog till last.

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Is it worth buying the BMW G310RR just for the BMW Badge?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310

Many young people buy the G310RR just for the brand, even though the TVS Apache RR 310 is also a BMW bike. However, TVS uses BMW’s chassis and its own design, while having a partnership with BMW.

So is it worth buying exactly the same bike with the BMW badge with extra money. to find the answer read this blog till last. and we will tell you why it’s not worth buying the BMW G310RR instead of the Apache RR 310.

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Key specs of BMW G310RR

Power34 PS. (33.5 hp)
Mileage30.30 km/l (company claimed).
36 km/l (rider claimed)
Top Speed160 km/h (GPS recorded)
168 km/h (speedo recorded.)
Seat Height811mm.
BMW g310rr official website.

BMW G310RR Price In India

BMW G 310 RRRs 3,00,000/-
TVS Apache RR 310Rs 2,72,000/-
BMW G 310 GSRs 3,25,000/-
BMW G 310 RRs 2,85,000/-
BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: Which one is the right choice?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: #Design Comparision#


When you look at the front both bikes BMW G310RR and the TVS Apache RR 310 look identical to each other. the headlights, front windscreen, and rearview mirrors have the same design. I feel that you can use BMW parts on the TVs Apache. Read More


BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?
BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310

The G 310 RR and Apache RR 310 share similar design elements, such as side farings, exhausts, footpegs, fuel tanks, and seats. However, they differ in terms of graphics and colours. The G 310 RR has BMW graphics, including the round BMW badge, which gives it a premium feel. Read More


Now let’s move on to the rear. there is no change in the design of both bikes. both bikes get LED taillight and turn indicators. and both bikes have tyre huggers. to save you from getting dirty during the rainy season.


The seating comfort of both bikes is similar. The rider seat is 811 mm high, so if you are shorter than 5’5″, it may be difficult for you to ride this bike. The pillion seat is set higher and is small, making it not ideal for women and girls.

It is more suitable for boys for short rides with some discomfort. The rider seat, on the other hand, is comfortable and suitable for long rides.

ModelSeat Height
G 310 RR811mm.
Apache RR 310810mm.
BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310


just like the other things. both the bikes get the same switchgear and handlebar. On the left side switchgear cluster you will get buttons to operate the instrument cluster. besides this, the Horn, Turn indicator, high and low beam and hazard button are there on the same cluster.

Whereas on the right side instrument cluster you will get an engine kill switch. on the other hand clutch and grip are also the same.

TFT Display [Speedometer]

Both bikes have a TFT display but with one small difference: the BMW bike has a BMW welcome animation, while the TVS Apache has a TVS racing animation. Other than that, everything else about the display is the same.

It has 4 modes: Sports, Urban, Rain, and Track. When you change modes, the display layout adjusts to give you a premium bike experience.

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: #Performance Comparision#

The exterior design of the bike is done by the TVS motors whereas the chassis is completely designed by the BMW motors. so both bikes have the same power, mileage, and specs.


BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

Both bikes use a single-cylinder water-cooled, four-valve DOHC 312.12cc engine that pumps 34PS maximum power in track and sports mode and 25.5 PS power in urban and rain mode. and the maximum torque produced by this engine is 27.3 nm. Read More

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Can we use a BMW G310RR bike for touring?

Sure! This bike is great for touring because it has a comfortable upright riding position, a windscreen to reduce wind, and good ground clearance. You can also add extras like fog lights, saddle bags, and a mobile holder to make it even better for long rides.

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: #Mileage#

As we know both bikes use using same engine and chassis. also both bikes have the same riding modes so their mileage will be the same.

But the BMW G310RR owner said they have got around 33 km/l in the city traffic and around 36 km/l on the highway when riding it in the economy. and mileage can vary from rider to rider and riding habit. It has 11 litres of fuel tank that reserves 1 litre of fuel.

Mileage Combined33 km/l.

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: #Top Speed#

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?
BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

The BMW G310RR and Apache RR 310 have a top speed of around 168 km/h according to videos and the company claims that it has 160 km/h top speed according to GPS. However, the actual top speed can vary depending on the rider and the mode used.

Track/Sport160 km/h.
Rain/Urban125 km/h.

BMW G 310 RR Specifications


TypeWater-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, four valves, two overhead camshafts and cam followers, wet sump lubrication
Bore / stroke80 mm x 62.1 mm
Capacity312.12 cc
Rated output25 kW (34 PS) at 9,700 rpm in Track/Sport mode. (19 kW (25.8 PS) at 7,700 rpm in Rain/Urban mode)
Max. torque27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm in Track/Sport mode. (25 Nm at 6,700 rpm in Rain/Urban mode)
Compression ratio10.9 :1
Mixture controlElectronic fuel injection
Emission controlClosed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-5

Performance/fuel consumption

Maximum speed160 km/h in Track/Sport mode (125 km/h in Rain/Urban mode)
Fuel consumption per 100 km based on WMTC3.3 l
CO2 emission based on WMTC78 g/km
Fuel typeUnleaded regular, minimum octane number 91 (RON)

Electrical system

AlternatorThree-phase alternator 308 W
Battery12 V / 8 Ah, maintenance-free
4 FahrmodiSport / Track 25 kW / 27.3 Nm, (Rain / Urban 19 kW / 25 Nm).

Power transmission

GearboxEndless X-ring chain with shock damping in the rear wheel hub.
DriveEndless X-ring chain with shock damping in rear wheel hub.


FrameTubular space frame
Rim, Front/RearSuspension travel, front/rear
Upside-down fork, Ø 41 mmCast aluminium dual swing arm, central spring strut
Single disc, diameter 300 mm, 4-piston fixed calliper, radially bolted.140 mm / 119 mm
Wheelbase1,365 mm
Castor107 mm
Steering head angle65°
WheelsCast aluminium wheels
Rim, front/Rear3.00 x 17″ Front
4.00 x 17″ Rear
Tyre, front/Rear110/70 R 17 Front
150/60 R 17 Rear
Brake, frontSingle disc, diameter 240 mm, single-piston floating calliper.
Brake, rearRim, Front/Rear


Seat height811 mm
Inner leg curve1,830 mm
Usable tank volume11 L
Reserveapprox. 1 Liter
Length2,001 mm
Height (excl. mirrors)1,135 mm
Width (incl. mirrors)767 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled174 kg
Permitted total weight304 kg
Payload (with standard equipment)130 kg

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BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

In the previous section, we discussed the features of both bikes. We mentioned that the BMW G310RR may not be a good choice because its design is done by TVS and its chassis/engine is designed by BMW.

TVS Apache RR310 and BMW bikes are a result of collaboration. The Apache RR310 offers the same design and features as a BMW bike but at a more affordable price. So, by choosing the Apache RR310, you essentially get a BMW bike at a lower cost. Read More

What if I still want a BMW affordable bike?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310

So you have a proper BMW bike G 310GS which is a small version of its elder sibling BMW 1250GS and has the same chassis and engine that your G310RR has. and exterior design inspired by 1250GS.

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

On the other hand, you also have a proper BMW which is G310R. it is a naked bike and has premium design elements like other expensive BMW bikes which again also has a chassis and engine just like G310RR.

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FAQ on BMW G310RR vs Apache RR 310

Does the Apache RR310 have a BMW engine?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

Yes, the Apache RR 310 is powered by a BMW engine and the chassis/alloy wheel is also designed by BMW. but the exterior is designed by the TVS itself.

Are Apache and BMW the same?

BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310: which one is the right choice?

Yes, both the Apache RR310 and BMW G310RR are identical to each other in terms of design and engine. but they have a few changes Apache has a petal disc, red cylinder head cover, graphics/colours, GTT technology and TVS Xconnect system. whereas BMW gets white and black colour, regular discs, and new graphics. and doesn’t come with GTT technology and Xconnet.

In this blog, we have tried to give information as much as possible about the BMW G310RR VS Apache RR 310. I hope you like our blog.

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