Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024

Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024

Last updated on February 16th, 2024 at 04:09 pm

Pulsar NS 200 bs 7 is a naked version of the fully faired Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and it has the same 199.5cc, 24.1 horsepower, and it gives 40.36 kmpl mileage. its price is Rs 142,055/- lakh for single-channel ABS & Rs 150,682/- lakh for dual-channel ABS. but this bike still missing out on some latest features. read more and scroll the page.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Photos

Here you can see lots of detailed NS 200 Photos from various angles.

  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • pulsar ns 200 white color.
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • bajaj pulsar ns 200
  • Pulsar ns 200
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024

What you will read in this blog?

In this blog, you will read a complete review of the Bajaj pulsar ns 200 bs 7 2024 with its price, specs, images and more so read till last to get more details about this bike. and now Bajaj pulsar ns200 is available in BS7 E20 version.

Watch a complete review of Pulsar NS200 BS7 E20 2023.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS7 E20 OBD-2 Review 2024

Bajaj has recently updated its new 2024 Pulsar NS 200 it is now BS7 compliant and its fuel injection system supports E20 fuel it now costs Rs 1,49,030/- ex-showroom and on-road price Read More

Should I buy Pulsar NS 200 bs7 or Not?

Well, you have to read this blog till last and then you will able to make a decision whether you should buy it or not.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 BS7 Specifications

Horse Power- 24.1 HPDisplacement-199.5 cc.
Mileage- 40.36 kmpl.Top Speed- 150 kmph (As Tested)
Seat height- 805 mm.Ground Clearance- 168 mm.

Pulsar NS 200 Price

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6Rs 142,055/- lakh Single Channel ABS (Ex-Delhi).
Rs 150,682/- lakh Dual Channel ABS
# Bajaj Pulsar NS160 BS6Rs 123,750/-
Bajaj Pulsar NS125 BS6Rs 104,371/-

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Pulsar NS 200 Price In Kolkata

Ex-Showroom PriceRs 139,334/-
Insurance + RTORs 31,293/-
On-Road PriceRs 170,627/-
  • I have shown the approx price of NS 200 Kolkata the price can vary from city to city.
  • If you want to get the exact on-road price please visit your nearest dealership.

Bajaj Showrooms Locator Click to see

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS7 2024 Review.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 2023 walkaround review.
Detailed ride review of new 2023 Pulsar NS200.

About This Blog # Official Web # Images

  • In this blog, I will review a popular street bike Pulsar NS 200.
  • And I have also written a review of NS 125 & NS 160.
  • I have mentioned the Price, Features & Images of NS 200 in this article.
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Pulsar ns 200 bs7 Design & Features

Pulsar NS 200
Headlight, pilot Lamp & Indicators
  • I have published articles on Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 & NS 125 with price & images.
  • Now here comes the big brother of the NS series pulsar well come Pulsar NS 200.
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a street Naked version of Fully Faired Bajaj Pulsar RS 200.
  • NS 200 is one of the most powerful and popular naked bikes here in India.
  • When it was launched it impressed everyone with its looks and incredible performance.
Pulsar NS 200
Front Right Quarter View.
Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
Bajaj Pulsar NS200 USD fork model.
  • And no doubt it still looks sporty and muscular & Bajaj has added a new paint scheme to it.
  • But in 2022 NS 200 still looks the same as before and it still lacks features as compared to Apache RTR 200 4V.
  • Like it still comes with a regular Halogen type headlight, indicators only taillight available in LED.
  • Where if you compare Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 with TVS Apache RTR 200 4V it looks & feels outdated.
Pulsar NS 200
White Color Pulsar NS 200.
  • I will mention all the features that Bajaj should add to this machine to make it more appealing.
  • The Visual appearance is sporty & muscular which makes it looks still attractive from every angle.
  • If you compare NS 200 with its younger siblings NS 125 & NS 160 it looks wider and bigger.
  • When you look at it from the front it’s a headlight with two pilot lamps at the bottom of the light remanence iron man’s face.
  • and the front mudguard gets a fake carbon fiber finish to make it look more premium & expensive bike.
Pulsar NS 200
Rear View.
  • Besides this, the fuel tank looks bulky & muscular making you feel that you are sitting on a big naked bike.
  • Although the fuel tank is hidden under this fiber body and the 3D pulsar logo plastered on it.
  • And both side panels are of fiber fitted with a mesh to allow air to come in.
  • The tail cowl with LED dual strip type taillight along with split grab rail looks sporty.
  • One thing I have to say is that fit and finish are top notch every part of the bike feels premium.
Pulsar NS 200
Top View.
  • Now let’s see the bike from a rider’s point of view like how a rider feels when he sits on NS 200.
  • This bike has spit seats with medium padding it’s not too soft or hard like it’s a performance machine.
  • Foot pegs are slightly rear set and clip-on handlebar is raised that gives you a comfortable ride.
  • Now Speedometer is part digital and part analogue same as before what to say about it.
Pulsar NS 200Pulsar NS 200
Digital & Analog Speedometer.
  • Now let’s have a look at what safety features we are getting with this outdated bike.
  • Knee guard, side stand engine cut-off switch & ABS available in the NS 200 to save our life.
  • So that’s all from my side about its design rest of the things you can see in the images that I have posted.
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SteelBird helmet SB-50

Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
  • It’s one of The Affordable helmets that offer good safety & best used in the city.
  • Steelbired helmet SB-50 comes with quick release strap & easy to remove.
  • Dynamic ventilation system for increased air flow providing more comfort to the rider while driving.
  • Inner Shell: High-Density Polystyrene Inner Shell & Cotton Fabric Interior and Outer Shell: Crafted ABS Shell With High-Quality Exterior Finish.

Missing Features of NS 200

Pulsar NS 200
Left & Right Switch Gear Cluster.
  • One by one by one I will mention the features that bajaj should add to this bike.
  • The first feature that we all missing in the NS 200 is the LED Headlight and DRL.
  • Because even Apache RTR 200 4V gets fully LED lights except for indicators.
  • The second is an adjustable clutch and brake lever if bajaj adds this feature to the bike it will outsell the Apache.
  • Third is Riding modes because its rival provides these modes.
  • Another feature exhausts the underbelly exhaust doesn’t look good to me.
  • If these features somehow company adds to this bike it will become more enjoyable.

Pulsar NS 200 colors

Pulsar NS 200
NS 200 Burnt Red Color.
  • Bajaj didn’t add any feature to its NS 200 they have added four new colors to convenience their buyers.
  • And I think it’s fair to think that most of us buy anything from its looks.
  • So in 2022 bajaj added Satin Blue, Burnt Red, Metallic Pearl White, and Pewter grey Colour.
  • And in this blog, I have shown the Metallic Pearl White Colour with a white alloy wheel.
  • Like if you are thinking about choosing white color be ready for it because it’s difficult to keep white alloy clean.

Pulsar NS 200 BS6 Engine

Pulsar NS 200
Pulsar NS 200 Grey Color.
  • As we know that NS 200 performs really well on the road & it’s designed to do that.
  • Let me tell you why because NS 200 is fitted with Ktm Duke 200 with slight de-tuning.
  • So you can ensure that there is a lack of power you are going to feel during the ride.
  • And when you twist the throttle after 7000 rpm this bike comes into beast mode.
  • when NS 200 launched in 2012 the bike was fitted with carburetor & Liquid Cooling.
Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
Liquid Cooled Engine.
  • The engine used to develop 23.5 ps of power and 18.3 nm of torque.
  • But after getting fuel injection this 199.5 cc single cylinder, four valve liquid cooled engine delivers 24.5 PS of power and 18.5 Nm of torque.
  • This engine is mated with a 6-speed transmission that offers a smoother gear shift.
  • And another advantage of having Sixth gear is you can cruise at high speed for a long time without revving the engine harder.
  • Besides this Liquid cooling helps the engine to continue to be at desired operating temperature.
  • Especially in the summer season & you can easily see the radiator mounted upfront of the engine.
Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
Brake Lever & Gear Shift Lever.
  • And on the right side, there is a water coolant level that determines the level of coolant in the radiator.
  • Besides this, for the rider’s safety side stand engine cut-off is added that automatically shut down the engine.
  • It works like when the rider forgets to remove the stand and engage the gear this system shut down the engine.
  • besides this, the chain & sprocket remain exposed means there is no chain cover provided to protect it.
Engine Type4-Stroke, SOHC 4-Valve, Liquid Cooled, Triple Spark, BSVI Compliant FI DTS-i Engine.
Displacement199.5 cc
Max Power18 kW (24.5 PS) @ 9750 rpm
Max Torque18.74 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Starting System.Self Start.
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Pulsar NS 200 BS7 Mileage

Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024
Rear Wheel & monoshocker
  • See if you are wondering to buy it for its performance and looks then definitely go for it.
  • But if you wanted to buy it and want a good mileage figure it’s not for you.
  • Wait if you still want Pulsar NS with mileage then I will suggest you get Pulsar NS 125.
  • And I am sharing mileage figures with you that I have got from a rider.
  • In the city, NS 200 delivered 40.84 kmpl & on the highway, it delivered 40.36 kmpl riding in 6th gear in economy range.
  • But if you are riding it for more than 70 kmph then you will get 33.1 mileage per liter.
  • One thing I can say after getting the BS6 Fuel Injection system mileage is significantly increased.
  • Like Bajaj Pulsar BS4 NS200 used to deliver 36.1 kmpl in the city & 39.7 kmpl on the highway.
City Fuel Efficiency40.84 kmpl.
Highway Fuel Efficiency40.36 kmpl.
At 70 kmph Speed33.1 kmpl.
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Still Lack Features
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Still Lack Features

Pulsar NS 200 Top Speed

  • In this paragraph, I will mention all the performance figures of NS 200.
  • This top-speed test is not done by me I am sharing a rider experience.
  • And ns200 bs7 top speed may vary depending upon the riding condition, rider’s weight & bike’s condition.
  • So during the test, NS 200 achieved 49kmph speed in 1St Gear, 65kmph in 2nd, and 86kmph in 3rd.
  • 109 kmph in 4th, 130 kmph in 5th & 150 kmph top speed in 6th gear.
GearMax Speed
1st49 kmph.
2nd65 kmph.
3rd86 kmph.
4th109 kmph.
5th130 kmph.
6th150 kmph.
ns200 bs7 top speed as tested we mentioned here.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Seat Height

  • NS 200 is quite a large bike like if a 5’5″ guy can only touch his toe on the ground.
  • As you can see in the images & below this height it might be difficult for someone.
  • The Seat Height of NS 200 is 805 mm.
Seat Height805 mm.

Pulsar NS 200 modified

  • Let’s talk about some modifications to our NS 200 that we can install in it.
  • From my side, I dont prefer too much modification because it is against traffic rules.
  • But you can get install Fog Light, LED Headlight & Indicators, Tall windscreen & Handguard.
  • I have shown a video I think which is enough to give you an idea of modification.

Dimensions Of NS 200 BS7

100/80-17 52 P Tubeless
Rear TyreRear
130/70-17 62 P Tubeless
SUSPENSION F/RTelescopic with Anti-friction Bush.
Nitrox mono shock absorber with Canister.
Brakes F/RSingle Channel ABS, 300 mm Disc (ABS).
At Rear 230 mm Disc.
Length/Width/Height2017/804/1075 mm.
Ground clearance168 mm.
Wheelbase1363 mm
Kerb weight159.5 kg.

My Opinion about NS200 bS6

  • One thing is clear NS 200 still needs some features to compete with its rivals.
  • Bajaj is only adding new colors not more than that.
  • But performance wise this bike is great & design is also attractive.
  • If you have decided to buy NS 200 then you can buy it.
  • In case you want features as well as performance then go for Apache RTR 200 4V.

What is the mileage of NS200 BS6?

pulsar ns 200 white color.

In the City, NS200 delivers 40.82 kmpl and on the highway, it delivers 40.36 kmpl which is great for a high-performance 200 cc bike.

Is Pulsar NS200 a BS6?

Pulsar NS 200 BS 7 E20 Review, Price & Images 2024

yes, Pulsar NS200 is a BS6 bike it gets a fuel injection system instead of the carburetor, an extra catalytic converter on the exhaust, and an oxygen sensor. this help to reduce emissions.

Is NS 200 good for daily use?

Yes. NS 200 is good for daily use and it gives 40 kmpl in the city and it has enough power to cruise at a high speed on the highway. its engine has a water cooling system that helps to keep engine temperature low so you can also take this over long rides. it’s also comfortable for riders and the pillion.

I have provided information as much as I can if you like this post then please share it.

Thank You.

Avinash Sharma (Blogger)

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