Hyundai Alcazar Prestige/Platinum & Signature SUV Models 2023

Hyundai Alcazar prestige/platinum & signature suv models 2023 price starts at ₹ 15,89,400/- to ₹20,25,000/-. and a 2.0 MPi petrol and 1.5 Diesel engine are available with manual & automatic gearbox.

besides this, the Hyundai Alcazar diesel AT gives a mileage of 15-19 kmpl on the highway and the petrol manual delivers 17 kmpl on the highway. and this new Hyundai Alcazar SUV is slightly bigger than the Hyundai creta.

And very much look like the Hyundai creta SUV when you see it from the front so a question arises.

Creata Vs Alcazar.

Is Hyundai Alcazar a 7 seater Creta?

Well, when you look at this SUV from the front it definitely looks like creta but from the rear, it’s a completely new car. although it is based on the Hyundai creta SUV. & read this article last to read about it. and also clear your doubt this car.

What you will read in this Hyundai Alcazar blog?

In this blog, you will get deep information about all the three models Alcazar like PRESTIGE/PLATINUM & SIGNATURE with interior and exterior images and features of these models along with dedicated videos.

And last, I will tell you which SUV is better for you Hyundai creta or Alcazar?

Key Specs of Hyundai Alcazar SUV

Engine1999 cc mpi Petrol (MT/AT).
1493 cc CRDi Diesel (MT/AT)
Power159 PS Petrol.
115 PS Diesel.
Mileage17.1 kmpl Petrol Highway.
23.0 kmpl Diesel Highway
Ground Clearance200 mm.
seating options6-STR & 7-STR.
DriveTwo-Wheel Drive.

Price of hyundai alcazar

  • The hyundai alcazar prestige on road price is ₹15,89,400/- Delhi and its On-road price is ₹17,78,934/- including the basic insurance amount.
  • RTO +₹15,89,400/-
  • Hypothecation Charge +₹1,500/-
  • TCS +₹15,894/-

Please if you want to get the exact on-road price of any Alcazar Model visit your nearest dealer or click here to see.

Alcazar 2.0MT Prestige Exe7S – Petrol₹15,89,400/- Get On-Road price
#Alcazar 1.5MT Prestige Exe6S – Diesel₹16,30,300/-
Alcazar 1.5MT Prestige Exe7S – Diesel₹16,30,300/-
#Alcazar 1.5AT Prestige(O)Exe7S – Diesel₹17,77,300/-
Alcazar 2.0 MT Platinum 7S – Petrol₹18,39,400/-
Alcazar 1.5 MT Platinum 7S – Diesel₹18,76,300/-
#Alcazar 2.0 MT Signature 6S – Petrol₹18,84,000/-
Alcazar 2.0 MT Signature 6S Dual Tone – Petrol₹18,99,000/-
Alcazar 1.5 MT Signature 6S – Diesel₹19,25,000/-
Alcazar 1.5 MT Signature 6S Dual Tone – Diesel₹19,40,000/-
#Alcazar 2.0 AT Platinum(O) 6S – Petrol₹19,66,000/-
Alcazar 2.0 AT Platinum(O) 7S – Petrol₹19,66,000/-
Alcazar 1.5 AT Platinum(O) 6S – Diesel₹19,88,900/-
Alcazar 1.5 AT Platinum(O) 7S Diesel₹19,88,900/-
Alcazar 2.0 AT Signature(O) 7S – Petrol₹19,95,000/-
Alcazar 2.0 AT Signature(O) 6S – Petrol₹19,95,000/-
Alcazar 1.5 AT Signature(O) 7S – Diesel₹19,99,900/-
Alcazar 1.5 AT Signature(O) 6S – Diesel₹19,99,900/-

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Hyundai Alcazar Prestige review with images


Hyundai alcazar prestige
Base Model “Prestige” Smart-Key.

As we know that Hyundai Alcazar Prestige 7 seater is available with diesel and petrol with MT/At gearbox and its price starts from ₹ 15,89,400/- to ₹ 17,77,299/- lakh for petrol and diesel model.

Besides this, as this is a base model instead of this prestige model is loaded with features. like Hyundai Creta SX(0) is equal to the base model Alcazar prestige. Read More

I have mentioned a few features I you want to see complete detail click on see Hyundai Alcazar Brochure.

Hyundai Alcazar Platinum MT/(O)AT Review

What is different in the Alcazar Platinum 7-seater Model?


Hyundai Alcazar Platinum
Alcazar Platinum 6-Seater Diesel AT.

Above paragraph, we discussed the base model of the Hyundai Alcazar SUV prestige and in this paragraph, we will discuss the second model which is known as Alcazar platinum price starts from ₹ 18,39,400/- to ₹ 19,88,899/-.

This is actually the same model as the top model and base model only a couple of features you will find in this platinum model. Read More

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Hyundai Alcazar Signature MT & (O)AT

Hyundai Alcazar vs Tata Safari

Hyundai Alcazar Prestige/Platinum & Signature SUV Models 2023
Comparison With Tata Safari.

So Hyundai Alcazar Signature MT only comes with 6 Seater model with petrol and diesel engine. whereas the Alcazar Signature (O)AT comes with a 6 & 7-seater model with diesel and petrol engines and it also comes with dual-tone colors. Read More

Hyundai Alcazar Colours In India

With this SUV Hyundai is offering 8 colors and – the colors are dual tones so these colors are Taiga Brown, Typhoon Silver, Titan grey with phantom black roof, Titan Grey, and Starry Night.

Polar white with phantom black roof, Polar White & phantom black. in this review, you are seeing polar white color and Taiga brown color and among all those colors we like the Alcazar Black color.

And the rest of the things you can see in the Hyundai alcazar colors images we have shown.

How Hyundai Alcazar likes to drive?

So Hyundai is offering only two engine options with an automatic and manual gearbox. you can choose 1999 cc 4-cylinder petrol engine with automatic & manual gearbox this engine delivers 159 PS power & 191 Nm of torque. Read More

Hyundai Alcazar Specifications

2.0 L MPi Petrol engine

Engine1 999 cc
Power117 kW (159 PS) / 6 500 r/min
Torque191 Nm (19.5 kgm) / 4 500 r/min.
Cylinder/Valves4 Cylinders, 16 Valves.
Valvetrain TypeDOHC.
Gearbox6 – speed manual.
6 – speed automatic.

1.5 L CRDI Diesel engine

Hyundai Alcazar Prestige/Platinum & Signature SUV Models 2023
Diesel Engine 1.5 L CRDi.
Engine1493 cc
Power84.6 kW (115 PS) / 4 000 r/min
Torque250 Nm (25.5 kgm) / 1 500 – 2 750 r/min
Cylinder/Valves4 Cylinders, 16 Valves
Valvetrain TypeDOHC
Gearbox6 – speed manual.
6 – speed automatic.

Hyundai Alcazar Dimensions

Length (mm)4 500
Width (mm)1790
Height (mm)1675
wheel base2760
Ground Clearance (mm)200.
Fuel tanks50 Liters.


Suspension FrontMcPherson Strut with Coil Spring.
Suspension RearCoupled Torsion Beam Axle.

Wheels & Brakes

Front & Rear Disc Brakes.
front/Rear Tyres215/60 R17 (D=436.6 mm) alloy (prestige) 215/55 R18 (D=462 mm) alloy (platinum, signature).
Spare Tyre215/60 R17 (D=436.6 mm) steel.
Tyre TypeTubeless.

Hyundai Alcazar Mileage

Let’s talk about the mileage of this SUV I am sharing an owner review that person was driving the Diesel manual model of the alcazar during the drive he drove the car near 80 kmph and this SUV delivered 23.0 kmpl.

Whereas Petrol manual alcazar delivered 17.1 kmpl overall when drive by an owner using petrol manual alcazar. and he drives the car in the city traffic and on the highway.

Diesel Manual23.0 kmpl Highway.
Diesel Auto
Petrol manual17.1 kmpl Highway
Petrol Auto

Hyundai Alcazar Configurations

Speaking about the configurations Hyundai is currently offering three models with this SUV and the base model Prestige comes with a diesel/petrol model with 7-seater and 6-seater options Read above to see the full review.

And the second model is called Platinum which is also available with petrol & diesel with manual & Auto gearbox with 6 & 7 seater option.

And the third model is a top model signature that comes with dual tone color with petrol and diesel with auto and manual gearbox read the above paragraph to get every detail of these models.

FAQ on Alcazar

  1. Q1- Is Alcazar bigger than Creta?

    Ans- yes. Hyundai Creta Comes with 5 seats only whereas Alcazar comes with 6 & 7-seater options.

  2. Q2- Is Hyundai Alcazar 4×4?

    Ans- No. this SUV only comes with a two-wheel drive system only and only the front wheels provide power to drive the car. but it has driving modes for different situation.

  3. Q3-Is Alcazar a SUV or MUV?

    Ans- Although Alcazar is a premium SUV you can also use this as MUV because when you fold the second and third row you will get 1051 liters of boot space.

  4. Q4-Which color is best in Alcazar?

    Ans- you don’t get any vibrant colors in alcazar but I like the Black color most because it looks more elegant and sporty. so I suggest you choose black color.

  5. Q5-Is Alcazar available without a sunroof?

    Ans- As alcazar is a premium SUV so you will get a Sunroof on all models but the top signature model comes with a voice-enabled sunroof.

  6. Q6-Which is better car Creta or Alcazar?

    Ans- well if you want more features and Space definitely alcazar is better but I like the creta most because it looks much better than alcazar in terms of design that’s why you don’t see alcazar on road. still, people loves the creta.

Expert Opinion on Alcazar.

Now if you are looking for an SUV that comes with premium built quality and features along with 7-seater space then you definitely buy this car it feels and drives smoothly on the road with great comfort.

But if you are an enthusiastic car driver and want more power and performance from your SUV rather than luxury then I will suggest you go for the Tata Safari and Mahindra XUV700. but it doesn’t mean that ALcazar is bad.

Alcazar Comparision with Mahindra XUV700.

I have tried to give info as much as I can if you like the bog then please share it with your friends.

Thank You.

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