Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh

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Honda City Hybrid Price 19 Lakh, Images, and Features.


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About This Blog

  • In this blog, I will review the new Honda City #Hybrid# sedan.
  • And Honda City #Hybrid# will be revealed on April 14 2022 at 12 noon.
Honda City hybrid
City Hybrid Black Color.

Introduction # Honda Official Website#

  • Honda City hybrid car is based on its 5th generation Honda City
  • And on the back of the car, you will see the E: HEV RS badge that separates the hybrid city from the regular Honda city.
  • Honda city Hybrid price is expected to be ₹ 19 lakh ex-showroom.
  • And Honda city hybrid launch in India date is not confirmed yet.

Honda City hybrid 2022 India

Honda City hybrid
Auto Expo.
  • Before starting the Honda City Hybrid review I want to say that.
  • This New Honda City #Hybrid# is based on a regular Honda city ZX that is powered by an I.C engine.
  • So let’s start from the front we have fully LED headlights with LED daytime running light.
Honda City hybrid
Front View.
  • If I look at this #Honda# City Hybrid closely you will see a large front grille with RS badging.
  • Apart from that LED fog lamps also comes with this hybrid car just like Honda City ZX.
  • On the other hand, the design is the same as a regular Honda city zx.
Honda City hybrid
Three-Quarter View,.
  • I mean the design of the front hood and rear portion of the car remains the same.
  • Now moving on to the side you will get auto-folding ORVM with an integrated turn signal.
  • And talking about wheels this new 2022 Honda city hybrid gets R16 diamond cut alloy wheels.
Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Three-Quarter View.
  • Now moving on to the rear you will see Z-shaped 3D wrap-around led tail lights.
  • With uniform edge light and led side marker light as we have in regular Honda City ZX.
  • Apart from that E: HEV RS badging can be found on the tailgate.

Honda City Hybrid Interior

Honda City hybrid
  • Now let’s talk about the interiors of the new Honda City ZX interior.
  • I am telling you on the basis of the concept car of the Honda city because it’s still not launched in India.
  • The Interior of the Honda city #hybrid# is the same as the regular Honda City ZX.
Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
  • The dashboard layout is now different but you do get extra but related to cruise control.
  • And talking about instrument clusters it has an advanced two-ring comb meter design.
Honda City hybrid
Rear Seats.
  • And in the Honda city #hybrid# on the left side of the speedometer, it shows battery charging info.
  • Talking about seats you have comfortable front and rear seats just like regular Honda City ZX.

Honda City Hybrid Mileage and performance.

Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Engine And Motor.
  • This new 2020 Honda city #Hybrid# gets a 1498 cc 4-cylinder petrol engine.
  • And this 1498 cc engine is coupled with an e-CVT transmission system that consists of two motors.
Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Hybrid System.
  • Now engine alone is 98 hp & 127 nm torque and two motors generate 109 hp & 253 nm torque.
  • This car is really nice to drive and you have only a single gear reduction.
  • The biggest thing is mileage this new Honda City Hybrid mileage is 20.6 kmpl in the city.
  • And con delivers 25-28 kmpl on the highway.

How Honda City #Hybrid# System works?


Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Hybrid Sytem Working.
  • In this hybrid system engine is not directly connected to the wheels.
  • So the engine is coupled with the gearbox called e-CVT consists of two electric motors, a differential & single gear reduction.
  • In a normal city driving with a less load car runs on pure electric power.
Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Rear View.
  • On the other hand, the battery is placed under the rear seats.
  • The engine is connected with the generator that generates electricity which drives the motor and wheels.
  • Up to 120 kmph this hybrid system uses the motor to drive the wheels.
Honda City Hybrid Ready To Launch price 19 Lakh
Side View
  • But above 120 kmph engine will directly connect to wheels to deliver power with the motor.
  • And you cannot switch by yourself to electric mode and engine mode car ECM decides when to change mode.

Honda City Hybrid Specifications

Engine petrol
Displacement 1498 cc.
No of cylinders In-line 4-cylinders.
Engine power 98 Hp @ 5600-6400 rpm
Electric power 109 hp motors.
Torque 127 NM by Engine.

253 Nm (Combined.)

Mileage 20.6 kmpl in the city.

25-28 kmpl (Approx.) highway

Length 4553 mm.
Width 1748 mm.
Height 1467 mm.
Curb Weight 1227 kg.


Expert Opinion


  • We are really excited to see how this new Honda city #Hybrid# performs in the real world.
  • And the info we have given in this blog is provided by Honda.
  • But in India, we are not getting the RS variant of Honda City.
  • Honda Hybrid in Thailand and Malaysia image we are posting in this article.
  • And enjoy the wallpapers and images of the Honda city.

I will add another detail after its official launch.

Thank You

Avinash sharma (Blogger.)



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