BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You

BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 01:40 pm

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BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You. In this blog we will take you through the technology used in this hybrid SUV Besides this we will show you some detailed interior and exterior images. along with the features. #Wikipedia#

What is the price of BMW XM India?

Below we have shown the price and EMI of BMW XM. This is only an estimated amount. To know more click on this link.

EX-SHOWROOM PRICE₹2,60,00,000/-
Down Payment₹ 6,500,000/-
Finance Amount₹ 19,500,000/-
47 Monthly Payments₹ 340,413/-
Term of Loan48 Months
Source: This price and EMI value is taken from the official BMW website.
Watch the BMW XM hybrid 2023 review in Hindi.

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BMW XM Hybrid 2023 MSRP

BMW XM Red Label$185,995

Watch the international spec BMW XM hybrid 2023 review.

Is BMW XM available in India?

Yes, BMW XM is available in India. But you will get only one variant here with seven colour options and three different rim options.Read More

Is the BMW XM fully electric?

No, BMW XM is not a fully electric SUV. it’s a hybrid vehicle. which means it uses an electric motor and a petrol engine to propel the car. although you can drive this SUV completely on electricity over a few kilometres 80-88 km.Read More

Is BMW XM petrol or diesel?

Well, BMW has diesel SUVs like the BMW X7, BMW X3 etc. But the BMW XM is only available with a V8 petrol-hybrid system. and it has a mileage of 61.9 kmp/l combined mileage.

Have a look at the exterior features of the BMW XM Hybrid 2023


Watch BMW XM USA spec review.

The first thing is this XM SUV is completely designed by the BMW M division and the exterior and interior design is different from the other BMW cars. when i saw this SUV for the first time I was impressed by the design of this car. I mean it has lots of sharp cuts and creases all over the exterior.Read More


So let’s start from the front view and the eye-catching thing here is the double kidney Grille is highlighted with the LED lights and gold accent. as you can see in the images. and lights around the grille remain active when the vehicle is stationary and moving. Read More


The BMW XM Hybrid 2023 has a coupe-like design, which completely transforms the appearance of the SUV from the side. The rear wheel arches are angular and the rear quarter panels are broad, giving the car a wide look from both the side and the rear. Read More


The rear portion of the car here is the exciting one because BMW XM Hybrid 2023 doesnt get any BMW badge on the tailgate. instead of this two laser BMW logo is provided on the top of the rear glass one on the left and one on the right just like BMW M1.Read More

HOW do Lock & unlock the BMW XM doors?

BMW has provided a key fob as you can see in the images. this key fob has a tiny BMW logo when you press it it locks the car and to unlock there is a button on the side of the key fob with an icon to press it to unlock.Read More

What colours do we get with the BMW XM hybrid 2023?

Actually, BMW is offering 11 different colour shades for the international market and for the Indian market we have only seven colour shades. below we have shown all the color shades available with the BMW XM.

  1. Black Sapphire metallic.
  2. Mineral White metallic.
  3. Cape York Green metallic.
  4. M Marina Bay Blue metallic.
  5. M Isle of Man Green metallic.
  6. M Toronto Red metallic.
  7. Dravit Grey metallic.
  8. Urban Green solid.
  9. Sepia Violet is metallic.
  10. Petrol Mica metallic.
  11. Anglesey Green metallic.

Do you want to know about the Alloy wheel options?

Again in India, we will get only one alloy wheel option which is a 21″ rim and for the international markets, we have three types of alloy designs below we have shown the images of the available rims.

  1. 21″ M double spoke 918 M.
  2. 22″ M double spoke style 922 M Bicolour with sport tyres. (Available in India)
  3. 23″ M star spoke style 923 M Bicolour Night Gold accent.

Take a tour of BMW XM Hybrid 2023 interior

Just like the outside the interior of the car is eye-catching. and it has a slightly sporty and different interior layout than the other BMW models. I personally like the interior of the car and it feels and looks premium. Its build quality fit & finish is great.Read More


So the interior design is more towards the sporty nature of the car and you will see carbon fibre touches on various places in the car. and when you sit inside the car you will feel that you are sitting in a performance SUV not in a luxury SUV why it? we will talk about it later.Read More


Just like the dashboard, the centre console has a carbon fibre finish and silver finish. below the infotainment screen, two air vents are there of sporty angular design with a centre knob to change the direction of flowing air.Read More


This BMW XM Hybrid 2023 comes with a soft closing door feature. and the interior of all four doors is wrapped in leather. first, let’s open the driver’s door and see what else do we get. BMW has provided seat memory buttons to adjust the seat according to you.Read More


The seats of the BMW XM are comfortable offering good legroom and headroom. seats are fabricated of genuine leather. and these seats feel and look premium. this SUV is 5 seater so you dont get any third row here. Instead of a third row, you have large boot space to carry luggage.Read More

Infotainment system

BMW XM comes with a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system. and it has 20 speakers mounted in various places inside the car. The music quality is great i personally like this kind of authentic music system.

So that’s all about the interior and we have shown lots of interior images of BMW XM hybrid in this blog.

What is it like to drive a BMW XM Hybrid 2023?


BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You
BMW XM powertrain image.

So let’s understand the BMW XM hybrid 2023 technology. this newly developed SUV is powered by an internal combustion V8 engine and a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Read More

Watch BMW XM label red model review.

What is the Mileage of the BMW XM Hybrid 2023?

The mileage that the company is claiming is 61.9 km/l.

What is the Mileage of the BMW XM Hybrid 2023?

The top speed of BMW XM is electronically limited to 250km/h and on alone electric power it has a 140 km/h top speed.

Technical Specifications BMW XM Hybrid 2023?


EngineV8 twin turbo with intercooler.
Capacity4,395 cm3
Total 32 valves, DOHC
Engine performance360 kW (489 hp) between 5,400-7,200 rpm
Max. torque650 Nm (479 lb-ft)  between 1,600-5,000 rpm
Fuel TypePetrol.


BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You
Electric power145 kW (197 hp)
30 minutes power 57 kW (77 hp)
Max. torque280 Nm (206 lb-ft)
Top speed electric140 km/h
Electric power consumption, combined (WLTP)30.1-28.9 kWh/100km
Electric range (WLTP)82-88 km
Battery capacity 25.7 kWh
Maximale charging performance AC/DC7.4 kW
AC charging time 0-100% 4.25 h

System Power

System power480 kW (653 hp)
System Torque800 Nm (590 lb-ft)
Gearbox8-speed M Steptronic
Drive TypeM xDrive
Fuel consumption, combined (WLTP)1.6-1.5 l/100 km

BMW XM Hybrid 2023 Dimensions

Length 5,110 mm.
Width2,005 mm.
Height1,755 mm
Ground Clearance220 mm.

Honest Opinion about the BMW XM Hybrid 2023

See there are a couple of performance SUV in the market which is more powerful than the BMW XM. like Lamborghini URUS which has 657 hp, 0-100 3.5 sec and 305 km/h top speed. other than we gave Aston Martin DBX.Read More

Is BMW XM 7 seater?

BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You

No BMW XM is a 6-seater SUV and instead of the third row, it has large boot space to carry luggage. and if you want 7-seater BMW then X7 is good for you.

How BMW XM mileage is high?

BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You

It’s because due to intelligent hybrid engines. you can drive a BMW XM hybrid 2023 up to 80 km on a completely electric motor. and by adding an electric motor it utilizes battery power for short distances the engine doesnt use fuel that’s why it has 61.9 kmpl mileage. so battery and electric motors are responsible for the high mileage.

Does BMW XM have a sunroof?

BMW XM Hybrid 2023: Design & Tech Review For You

No, it doesnt have a sunroof instead of it you will get an illuminated headliner of prismatic shapes that give you a kind of special feeling when you sit on it. and also you can change the colours of the roof.

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