Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy

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Recently, Toyota launched a new style and Toyota Land Cruiser L200 is now replaced by the new Land Cruiser LC300. It is available in India only in one model, Land Cruiser ZX (Top-model), which is only available in 5 seats & with a 3.3L V6 Turbo-Diesel Engine at Rs 2.10 Crores.

Besides This, the model we have shown in this blog will be available in India/Australia & UAE. in Australia we will get a total of 6-models of land cruisers Land Cruiser GX/GXL/VX/Sahara/Sahara ZX & GR Sport with 3.3L V6 Diesel Engine & 7-seater option at the price of $ 151,533.

And in the UAE Dubai, you will get a different version of a land cruiser with 3.5 L V6 petrol and 4.0 L V6 petrol with starting price of AED 223,900 read more below.

What you will read in this blog?

Table of Contents

In this blog, you will read a detailed Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Review along with interior and exterior images, Price & specs.

And in we have shown the models you will get in Australia, India, and UAE so real till last for maximum information.about this suv.

Which model you will get in India & when?

In India, you will get only one top model which is Land Cruiser LC300 ZX which comes with only a 5-seat and a 7-seater model is not available for India with this model you will get a 3.3L V6 Diesel Engine only. You will have to wait 4 years to get one and customers are ready to pay Rs 50 Lakh extra for this.

And Toyota announces that the booking amount of the new land Cruiser LC300 will be Rs 10 Lakh in India.

Note:- official Toyota website Australia and official website UAE (Dubai) & see more HD Images.

Key specs LC300

Engine3346cc V6 Twin-Turbo Diesel.
Power304 HP.
Torque700 NM.
Mileage11 Kmpl.
Drive Wheels4wd H4/HL ratio
Water Wading700 mm.

Land Cruiser price in India

Sahara ZX (only for India)Rs 2.10 Cr

Land Cruiser Price in Australia

Land Cruiser GX$89,990
Land Cruiser GXL$101,790
Land Cruiser VX$113,990
Land Cruiser Sahara$131,190
Land Cruiser Sahara ZX$137,790
Land Cruiser Sahara GR Sports$138,790
Indian Model Land Cruiser LC300.
Australian Model Land Cruiser Sahara ZX.

Read more about the Land Cruiser LC300 Sahara ZX Model?



NOTE:- In this paragraph, I will mention the exterior features of the Land Cruiser ZX model India which is the same as the Australian Model.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Indian model.
Front View (Indian Model)

I first saw this model a few days back at the Indian AutoExpo 2023 where Toyota revealed its top-of-the-line Land Cruiser ZX model. and I was amazed to see the size of this new Land Cruiser which was completely new and looked more modern than before. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 “Sahara” below ZX model.


  • Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy

NOTE:- The “Sahara” model comes just below the “Sahara ZX top model” and it looks the same as the ZX model but have few changes mentioned below. (Not Available In India)

So above paragraph we have seen the top model of land cruiser which is sahara ZX in this paragraph i will mention some features that Sahara model. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 GX “Base model” Review

Watch Base-model Land cruiser GX Review.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy because its a popular SUV and it’s designed to go off-road and it’s now more luxurious than the previous model. and one more thing this SUV also comes in a base model “GX” with a similar engine and transmission but it’s available in Australia no in India.Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 “GXL” Model Review

NOTE:- The Land Cruiser “GXL variant” is same as the “base model GX” so in this paragraph i will mention only the extra feature you will get in GXL model.

Watch the Full Review Of the Land Cruiser GXL Model.


In the GXL model, you will get extra features that make this SUV more value for money model land cruiser, and above you can read the full review of GX model. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 “VX” Model Review

Watch Land Cruiser LC300 VX Review.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 VX comes just below the Sahara ZX model and it has almost all the feature you will get in the top model Land Cruiser.

Below I will mention only the features that you will get in this mid-class model. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 “GR Sports” Review

Watch full review of Land Cruiser GR Sports.


So the Land Cruiser GR-Sports is the most capable off-road model here and it sits above the Sahara ZX model and it has center, front and rear differential lock and it also has E-KDSS system that reduce the body roll. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Mileage

Combined 8.9L/100 KM
Urban11.3L/100 KM
Extra Urban7.6L/100 KM

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Specs

Engine description3.3L V6 twin turbo diesel
Displacement (cm³)3346cc.
Maximum power (kW/rpm)227@4000 (304 hp)
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)700@1600-2600.
Valve mechanism24-valve DOHC, chain drive
Bore x stroke (mm)86.0 x 96.0
Compression ratio (:1)15.4


Transmission10-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode.
Number of ratios10
Differential ratio (rear) (:1)3.307


Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel economy² (L/100km)Combined: 8.9, Extra Urban: 7.6, Urban 11.3
Fuel capacity (L)80 (main tank) + 30 (sub-tank) = 110.


Steering operationRack & pinion
Power steering systemIntegral
Turning circle – kerb to kerb (m)11.8


FrontVentilated disc brake with fixed calliper 4-cylinder
RearVentilated disc brake with floating caliper 1-cylinder.


FrontDouble wishbone / independent suspension.
RearDouble wishbone / independent suspension.


Length4980 mm (GX/GXL/VX/Sahara).
5015 mm (Sahara ZX).
4995 mm (GR sports).
Width2000 mm (GX).
1980 mm (GXL/VX/Sahara/ZX).
1990 mm (GR Sports).
Height1950 mm.
Kerb Weight2495 mm (GX).
2580 mm (GXL).
2630 mm (VX/Sahara/GR Sports).
2610 mm (Sahara ZX).
SEATS5 (GX/Sahara ZX/GR Sports)
7 (GXL/VX/Sahara).


With trailer brakes (kg)3500 KG.
Without trailer brakes³ (kg)750 KG.

Land Cruiser LC300 “Comparision” with Nissan patrol and Defender

Watch full Comparision.

Which Land Cruiser model better for you?

LC300 GX

This model is not available in India but its avialable for the Australian market this is the base model and its commercial spec LC300 buy this model if you want to use it only for off-roading and you have low budget. and it also have high/Low ratios.


This model is sligtly above and its better equipped the GX model and it also a bit expensive than this. instead of base model low budget people should buy it.

LC300 VX

This model is comes under the the top model sahara top model and its slightly less expensive than the top model and this model have R18 inch wheel and if you want 7 seater land cruiser with luxury features than buy this model.

LC300 Sahara

In this model you will get more features like ventilated seats and heated seats and all the premium features that you will get in the top model. but wheels you will get R18 inch and seven seats.

LC300 Sahara ZX

Its top of the line model and its available in 5-seats option with all luxury features you want and buy this SUV if you spend lots of time on the highway and less off-roading trails.

LC300 GR Sports

Now this model is specially design for the off-roading and this model comes with front and rear diff locks buy this model if you want the most capable LC300.


After analysing this SUV i came up on a conclusion that new Land Cruiser LC300 is truly capable and luxury SUV than the previous one and its also powerful. but one thing i don’t like that the you need to wait painful four years to buy it.

Yes new LC 300 comes with four years waiting period. and customer are ready to pay extra money to buy it, and in some countries this SUV is selling in the black.

Can I buy Toyota Land Cruiser in India?

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 GR Sports.

Yes, land Cruiser is available in India only in one model Sahara ZX. and it cost near Rs 2.10 cr. but it has long waiting period so contact your nearest dealership to get one.

In which country Land Cruiser sold most?

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy

Land Cruiser sold in Australia with V6 Diesel Engine and in Dubai with 3.5 V6 petrol engine.beside this LC300 is quite popular in India as well.

Why is Land Cruiser so famous?

Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: Wait Painful 4 Years To Buy

Because this vehicle have solid build quality and great off-road capability. also it have geat on road presence and in Australia this vehicle used in remote areas. one more thing service network of toyota is good as compared to other brand.

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