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Axor Helmets is available on Amazon at the lowest price

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  • I have mentioned all the details about Axor helmets with price and also I have provided like to buy them.
  • If you want a review and details of any helmet brand you can email me.

Axor helmets India

  • These helmets are manufactured in Belgaum, Karnataka India & a wide range is available here in India.
  • You can buy these helmets at the lowest price from amazon as many people buy them.
  • the range which is popular in India is Venom, Apex, and Vivid with cool features and graphics.
  • By the time I am writing a review over venom helmets I am deciding to buy one for myself.
  • In this blog, I have mentioned the prices and features of Axor’s helmets with prices & links to buy on amazon.

Models of Axor’s helmet with price

Axor Helmets Black

Axor Helmets
  • If you want to buy a black Axor Helmet then there is a model called APEX SOLId.
  • The exterior of this helmet is fully black with a glossy finish at the back of the helmet.
  • AXOR logo can be seen and on the side of this helmet, ISI marking is provided by the company.
  • Although the design of these full-face helmets is almost the same as other models
  • The company also has APEX SOLID helmet with a dull black finish if you don’t want a glossy finish.
  • This helmet is available in sizes S/M/L & XL to click on the link given below.

Axor Helmets Venom

Axor Helmets
# Axor Venpumous Dull Back & Blue.
  • Venom series of Axor’s helmets is the most popular one among all series models.
  • In the Axor helmets Venom model, a snake is printed on the exterior of the helmet.
  • And several colors are available like Venomous Black grey, Black Neon blue.
  • Venomous Black red, Dull Back & Blue, Black Neon Green and yellow.
  • The price of the Axor Venomous helmet series is Rs 4994/- but it’s available at a low price on amazon.

Apex Vivid D/V

Axor Helmets
# Apex Vivid Neon Helmet #
  • In this series, you will get nice color full graphics, and features like the other model.
  • And graphics over it is really cool and vivid branding can be seen at the rear.
  • Axor is currently offering two colors Glossy/Dull Black and neon yellow.
  • The price of Apex Vivid D/V is Rs 4994/- get a discount buy it on amazon sale.

Axor Rage Python

Axor Helmets Venom/Apex Buy On Amazon
# Axon Python helmets #
  • This Axor Rage Python comes with different graphics and colors than the venomous helmets.
  • you will get Black Blue, Dull Black Neon Yellow, & Dull black Blue color.
  • Although the rest of the specification is the same as the other axor series helmets.
  • The price of the Axor Rage python helmet is Rs 3410/-.

Axor Helmets Under 5000

  • Axor Helmets Venom/Apex Buy On Amazon
  • Axor Helmets Venom/Apex Buy On Amazon
  • Axor Helmets Venom/Apex Buy On Amazon
  • Axor Helmets Venom/Apex Buy On Amazon
1. Rage RTRRs 3410/-
2. Apex sea devilRs 4994/-
3. Rage PythonRs 3410/-
4. Apex hunterRs 4994/-
5. Rage TrogonRs 3410/-

Axor Helmets Visor

Axor Helmets
# Axor Hex 2 Helmet #
  • Axor Helmets visors are technically advanced and designed to provide good vision under harsh environments.
  • One thing that I like most about the Axor helmet’s visor is that it can be removed via a pin lock system without any tools.
  • Besides this internal sun visor is added to protect the rider from sunlight & I found it helpful during hot summer days.
  • Apart from that these axor helmets visor doest let fog come over visor when you are riding in winter & rainy season.
  • And you can buy this visor via axor official website I have given the link below.

Axor Helmets Review

Axor Helmets
Features Of Axor helmets.
  • The Axor started its manufacturing journey with the collaboration of international designers.
  • The reason behind the development of Axor helmets is to offer premium helmets with premium design.
  • And to offer the best possible safety to the rider at a low cost so that anyone can afford it.
  • The experts strive to deliver products with the knowledge of cutting-edge innovation.
  • while focusing on aesthetic designs, toughness, safety, and comfort of the users.

Security & Vision

  •  Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards and ISI certified.
  • Testing includes energy attenuation.
  •  Penetration resistance.
  • Chin strap structural integrity.
  • Surface projection.
  • Rigidity test, Tensile test.
  • Chin Strap Micro slip test.
  • All above were tested under 4 different conditions(Hot, Cold, Submerging, and Ambient).


  • The upper air intake vent is positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior.
  • The back outlet vent is integrated with pc spoiler, allowing it to be positioned for optimum flow-through ventilation.
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included.
  • Integrated Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation & Stability at High Speed.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Material.
  •  Comes in two variants – clear and smoke.

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