Axor Apex Helmets One of the best helmets you can buy with lots of attractive graphis and features. 

This is Axor Apex Venoumous D/V with attracive snake graphics on it . Price:- Rs 4994/- Its one of the affordable helmet.

Axor Helmets comes with Anti Fog front visor & a internal sun visor also features in it to keep eye protected from UV rays.

Axor Helmets price range. 1.Axor venomous- Rs 4994/-. 2.Axor Street- Rs 4994/-. 3.Axor XBhp- Rs- 6500/-. 4.Axor Rage Trogon- Rs 3410/- 5. rage Carbon Warfare- Rs 8990/-

Axor helmet Features. 1. Anit Fog Visor. 2. Quick Visor removing syste. 3. Chin Air Curtain. 4. Rear Spoiler. 5. Removeable inner liner. 6. Quick Release strap. 7. weight- 1400 Grams.

Axor Helmets Also comes with spoiler to reduce the air drag and helps air to flow smoothly over helmets & spoiler can be remove easliy