Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023

Last updated on March 9th, 2024 at 11:33 am

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Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 received some major changes in 2023. and these changes make this bike more valuable for a money bike. this bike now costs Rs 1,35,675/-. company has added new USD forks to it and a new colour scheme is added to it to make it more premium. NS 160 new model 2023 review.Read More

Bajaj Pulsar N160 E20: Clear All Your Queries Here Now..

Watch Complete Review of Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 2024.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 On-Road Price 2024

Ex Showroom PriceRs 1,46,176/-
Ex-Showroom PriceRs 1,77,300/-

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Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 New Model 2024 Review

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 new model 2024 price is Rs 1,45,792/-. Pulsar NS 160 has received major upgrades like you get a new LED headlight along with DRLS, USD forks, new switchgear etc and the rest of the bike remains the same.

LED Headlights

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
New LED Headlights and Turn Indicators.

So just like the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 the NS 160 has also received the same upgrades the headlights are now LED in the NS160 and it has LED DRLs on both sides of the headlights. the headlights look like the Iron Man face and we have been waiting for this for a long. Read More


NS 160 SpecificationsPrice (Ex-Showroom)
About This BlogDesign & Features
Performance.My Opinion

Key Specifications NS 160

Horse Power – 17 HPDisplacement – 160.3 cc.
Mileage- 47.6 KMPL.Top Speed – 125-129 kmph.
Seat height – 805 mm.Ground Clearance – 176 mm.

Pulsar NS 160 Price

Bajaj Pulsar NS160Rs 1,34,675/- (2023 model)
Bajaj Pulsar NS 125Rs 1,04,371/-
# Bajaj Pular NS 200Rs 1,40,666/-

Pulsar NS 160 Price in Kolkata 2024

NS 160 Price Kolkata Rs 1,46,176/-
On Road KolkataRs 1,77,300/- New 2024 model
  • The insurance and RTO price is Rs 29,310/.
  • The road Price is Rs 1,52,132/- (2023 model).
  • Bajaj’s Official website for complete info about the bike.
  • Please contact your nearest dealer to get accurate on-road prices.

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Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023

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Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023



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Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023



About This Blog

  • Guy in the series of Pulsar NS I am writing a review of Pulsar NS 160.
  • Before this, I had already posted reviews on my website over Pulsar Ns 125/200.
  • In this blog, you will get lots of information about this crazy 160cc bike.

Pulsar NS 160 BS6 # Design/Features #

Pulsar NS 160
Front View.
  • In this review, I will share my experience with bike and what I think about it.
  • Before starting the review I want to mention that Bajaj is currently offering three models with NS.
  • The company first launched the Bajaj pulsar NS200 then it launched NS 125 and this time NS 160.
  • Both bikes look exactly the same design-wise with minor changes which can be identified easily.
Pulsar NS 160
Headlight, Led Taillight & Indicators.
  • I am a big fan of the Pulsar NS series because it still looks modern and is equipped with useful features.
  • Bajaj pulsar NS 160 is supported by a perimeter frame that keeps bike weight low.
  • Besides this, it offers sporty & balanced handling as compared to other 160 cc bikes.
  • The overall design of the bike is muscular & Bajaj has added a fake carbon finish to it.
  • When you look closely front mudguard and rear tire hugger have a carbon finish.
Pulsar NS 160
Left Side View
  • The fuel tank is nice and wide and gives sufficient knee room to the ride & a tank pad is provided.
  • when you look at it closely from the front small headlight and wide fuel tank make it look more muscular.
  • Moving on to the tail section tail cowl gets NS 160 badging and split grab rail complementing the design.
  • And those dual LED stripes type taillights never ever going to look outdated seriously.
Pulsar NS 160
Right Side View
  • But one thing I need to mention and I am sharing my personal experience about that.
  • I really don’t like the underbelly exhaust design because it remains hiding underneath the bike.
  • And during the rainy season when you are riding your bike in a waterlogged area.
  • There is a chance that water can come inside it and the bike looks incomplete.
Pulsar NS 160
Rear Right Quarter View.
  • Due to exhaust remaining hidden under the bike, this is the only reason I am not buying it.
  • Speaking about seats split seats come with the NS 160 with comfortable padding.
  • The handlebar is clip-on type & switch gears are back lid type means button laminates with blue color light.
  • The speedometer design is again the same as other NS pulsar’s Analog Tachometer at the center & digital screen on the right side.
Pulsar NS 160
Digital Speedo / Analog Tachometer
  • One thing, I need to mention is that the steel fuel tank is actually hidden under the fibre outer shell.
  • Speaking about the riding position it’s comfortable thanks to raising the handlebar and split seats.
  • That is all from my side I have posted several images of Pulsar NS 160 and a YouTube link in this blog.

White pulsar NS 160

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
Metallic pearl White Color.
  • Pulsar NS 160 white color is really eye-catching no doubt and I also like this color.
  • Due to this, I have posted several HD images of White Pulsar NS 160 on this blog.
  • In this article, you can actually see how NS 160 white color looks on the rear, front, and side.
  • Only in this article, you can find detailed images of the pulsar NS160 metallic pearl white color.
  • This metallic white color with the black color combination looks really sporty and attractive.

Pulsar NS 160 colours

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
Burnt Red, Satin Blue & Pewter grey
  • Bajaj is currently offering four new colors to the customer & the same colors as the NS 200.
  • We have Metallic Pearl White Colour, Burnt Red, Satin Blue, and pewter grey.
  • Among all four colors that a company have offering, I like the Burnt Red and Pearl white color.
  • Besides this, you can also enjoy the detailed images of NS 160 white color images.
  • But one thing I have to say is white colors will attract the bike enthusiast very much.

Pulsar NS 160 Seat height

Pulsar NS 160
A 5’5″ Guy sitting Over NS 160
  • Now here comes the most important part and most people want to know about it.
  • Before starting to say anything, the seat height of NS160 is 805 mm.
  • As you can see in the above image a 5’5″ rider is sitting on the Pulsar NS160.
  • And he is only able to touch his toe on both sides and his heel is not touching the ground.
  • So it proves that a 5’5″ guy can easily ride this bike but I will not suggest riding it for inexperienced riders.
  • And if you are below this height it might be difficult for you but again seat height is no problem for bike enthusiasts.

Modified Pulsar NS 160

  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • As we know that NS 160 is an outdated bike and doesn’t come with modern features.
  • So customers usually get it modified with some after-market accessories.
  • Knuckle guard, Projector fog lights, windscreen, body graphics, and exhaust.
  • And you can buy all these modification items from amazon.

Pulsar NS 160 suspension and brakes

  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Best-in-class stopping power and ultra-safe braking on any surface, thanks to the massive 260 mm front disc and 230 mm rear disc brakes
  • powered by our single channel ABS technology offers a good braking experience.
  • Speaking of Suspension up front it has a Telescopic with Anti-friction Bush.
  • And Rear Nitrox mono shock absorber with Canister type this suspension system works great.
  • It delivers good bump absorption and sporty riding.

Bajaj pulsar NS 160 Engine Performance

Pulsar NS 160
Right Side Engine View & Brake pedal.
  • Now here comes the most important segment of this article its engine.
  • Because the engine is the heart of the bike and most of the performance comes from it.
  • This BS6-compliant beast is powered by a single-cylinder 160.03 cc 4-valve oil-cooled engine.
  • Besides this bajaj has added its Twin-Spark plug and Fuel injection technology in it.
  • And with the BS6 Pulsar NS 125 comes equipped with a carburetor engine.
  • You know I always prefer a 4-valve engine over a 2-valve because it delivers punchy top-end range.
  • Like if you are cruising on the highway and riding in the hilly area you don’t feel under power.
  • But I’m not saying 2-valve engines don’t perform these engines are mostly good for city rides.
  • Because their Initial range and mid-range remain strong & can be ridden at low speeds without any problem.
Pulsar NS 160
Toe Shifter and Saree Guard.
  • Speaking of power NS 160 delivers 17 horsepower and 14.6 Nm of torque & comes with 5-speed transmission.
  • To shift gear bajaj has added a toe shifter and I personally like the toe-shifting mechanism.
  • Besides this to fulfill the BS6 requirement extra catalytic converter is added to it with the oxygen sensor.
  • This bike has an oil cooler radiator of small size mounted on the front and air cooling fins over the cylinder.
Pulsar NS 160
Switch gear Cluster.
  • Both these cooling system works together and keeps the engine cool during the ride.
  • One thing, I always appreciate about bajaj automotive is that they still provide a kick in this sports naked bike.
  • Like if you see TVS Apache RTR 160 4V it doesn’t have any kick-starting system.
  • That’s all about the engine of this bike and I have posted several images of the NS16 engine enjoy.
ENGINE4-Stroke, SOHC 4-Valve, Oil Cooled, Twin Spark BSVI DTS-i FI engine
Displacement160.3 cc.
Max Power12.7 kW (17.2 PS) @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque14.6 Nm @ 7250 rpm
Starting SystemKick+Self.

Pulsar NS 160 BS6 Mileage

Pulsar NS 160
Fuel tank and Split Grab Rails.
  • Another important factor to judge any bike’s performance is mileage.
  • In India, two things are very famous what is mileage and price.
  • But don’t worry guys if you are looking for a sporty naked bike that offers great mileage.
  • Then I suggest you go with the pulsar 160 NS it delivered good mileage.
  • I am sharing a rider’s experience with the mileage that he tested in the city and the highway.
  • Bike delivered 47.6 kmpl (Kilometer Per Liter) in the city at economy speed.
  • And 41.6 kmpl at mixed riding condition highway+Traffic at 50 kmph.
Mileage Speed.
47.6 Kmpl (City) Economy speed.
41.6 Kmpl (Mixed Riding condition) 50 kmph.

Pulsar NS 160 Top Speed

  • This bike can expect a decent top speed because it’s a 4-valve engine bike.
  • During the Top speed, the test rider accelerates this bike on an open smooth highway up to its limit.
  • And NS 160 achieved 127 km/h speed easily but when the rider completely tucked in & the bike was hitting speed up to 129 km/h.
  • But it depends upon the weight of the rider and the condition of the engine I think for a naked bike this speed is sufficient.
Top Speed125-129 km/h.

Best Riding Gloves

Steelbird Full-Finger Riding Gloves

Pulsar NS 160
SteelBired Riding Gloves
  • These riding gloves are one of the best and low-cost riding gloves.
  • Offers sturdy and solid knuckle hand protection.
  • It’s made up of breathable and comfortable fabric that keeps your hand sweet-free.
  • And you can actually use ou phone without removing gloves from your hand.

Royal Enfield Rambler V2 Riding Gloves Black L

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023
  • Conductive leather for comfort Microsuede (50% polyamide, 50% polyurethane)
  • patch for better grip 100% Polyester Air meshes for breathability.
  • TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) Knuckles and finger protractor for enhanced protection.
  • 3 mm rubber sponge(100% PU) for palm reinforcement.
  • These riding gloves are available at the lowest price on Amazon click the link below.

Pulsar NS 160 Received Some Major Changes in 2023

Length/Width/Height2017/803.5/1060 mm.
Ground clearance176 mm.
Wheelbase1372 mm.
Kerb weight151 kg.
Seat Height805

Apache RTR 160 4V vs Pulsar NS 160

  • If you want to see a complete review of TVS Apache RTR 160 4V you can visit my site.
  • Now I am only mentioning the difference between both bikes in terms of price and features.
  • First, let’s see what apache RTR 160 4V is offering to us It comes with Fully LED lights with DRLs.
  • Whereas NS 160 only comes with the reflector type ordinary headlights.
  • Besides This, Apache RTR 160 4V is comparatively bigger than the NS 160.
  • But the seat height is lower than 5 mm than the NS 160 which means shorter will be comfortable on it.
  • The overall design of the Apache 160 4V is equally sportier and muscular than the NS 160.
  • But TVS is offering Adjustable clutch and brake levers whereas NS 160 offers regular levers.
  • Another thing is Apache RTR 160 4V is the only bike that comes with three riding modes.
  • whereas NS 160 doesn’t have any riding modes & fully digital speedometer you will get with apache.
  • Moving on to the engine RTR 160 gets the same single cylinder oil/Air cooled 4-valves SOHC engine.
  • That delivers 17.55 pS power on Sport mode and 14.3 Nm of torque which means no lack of power here.
  • talking about top speed RTR 160 4V can hit up to 130 kmph and a Mileage of 46 kmpl.
Drum & disc.Rs 1,21,628/-
Dual DiscRs 1,23,735/-
BT DiscRs 1,26,451/-
Special EditionRs 1,27,825/-

My opinion is which one should you buy RTR 160 or NS 160

  • It’s true that Bajaj NS 160 is an outdated bike in terms of features but engine performance is great.
  • Whereas Apache RTR 160 4v comes loaded with features and riding modes also.
  • So if you are a fan of the pulsar and only wanted to buy it then you can buy it there is now a problem with it.
  • But if you are looking for value for money and my opinion then buy RTR 160 4V.

I have tried to provide complete information as well as my opinion about this bike & if you like this then plz share it with your friends.

Thank You

Avinash Sharma (Blogger)

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