Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike

Pulsar NS 125 Review Price, Images, Features, Specs, and Colors.


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Horsepower – 11.8 HP (12 PS)Displacement – 124.45cc
Mileage – 64.2 kmpl (Combined)Top Speed – 110 kmph.
Seat Height – 805 mm.Ground Clearance – 175 mm.

PULSAR NS 125 PRICE In Kolkata

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 (Disc brake)Rs 104,371/- (Ex-Showroom Delhi)
# Bajaj Pulsar NS160Rs 123,750/- (Ex-Showroom Delhi)
Bajaj Pulsar NS200Rs 146,666/- (Ex-Showroom Delhi)
  • Current Bajaj Is offering only one model of NS125 with a disc brake and new colors.
  • And I am showing you the On-Road price of Pulsar NS 125 is approx Rs 1,26,481/-.
  • Whereas the Ex-showroom price in Kolkata is Rs 104,646/- Ex-showroom.
  • And RTO+Insurance is Rs 21,835/- and please visit your nearest bajaj showroom for an accurate price.
  • Also, visit Bajaj’s official website for more details.
New 125 cc Pulsar NS125 Orange color, Price & Features

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Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike

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Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike

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Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike

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Pulsar NS 125 BS6 Design/Features

Bajaj NS 125
Front View
  • I have also published a detailed review of Bajaj Pulsar 125 based on Pulsar 150.
  • And now I am presenting a review of Pulsar NS125 which is based on Bajaj Pulsar NS200.
  • Besides this, I will also tell you five reasons to buy this baby NS125 with all its features.
  • So when I first saw this bike it reminds me Pulsar NS200 because it looks exactly the same.
  • From front to the rear top to bottom it looks like its elder sibling the NS200 except for the engine.
Bajaj NS 125
Headlight, Tailight, and Indicators.
  • The reason to Launch this bike is to give an economical performance with a sporty design.
  • So this BS6 bike headlight is equipped with Halogen bulbs, the same as NS160/200.
  • And two pilot lamps are attached below the headlight which reminds me of the face of Iron man.
  • At the rear dual strips type LED Taillights have been provided to add a pulsar signature look.
  • Besides this indicators are provided with halogen bulb but the company should provide LED into it.
Bajaj NS 125
Left Side View
  • Because led provides better illumination, saves energy, and adds a premium appeal to the bike.
  • Talking about its overall design it looks sporty and it’s hard to deny that it’s a sportier bike.
  • The real eye-catching design is its fuel tank it looks large and makes you feel that you are sitting on a big bike.

And Fuel is tapered from at knee area and tank shrouds make it looks muscular.

  • Bajaj has also provided a rubber pad near the rider’s seat at the fuel tank to prevent any injury to the rider’s genital area.
Bajaj NS 125
Front RIght Quarter View.
  • one that I have been noticing is that a couple of manufacturers are using fake carbon fiber finish for their bikes.
  • Like TVS Apache RTR 160/180 and Bajaj itself on its Pulsar 125 and 150 to make it look premium.
  • Another striking design element is its tail cowl with split grab rail both adding a muscular feel to the bike.
  • Besides this side panels remains in black color and a petrol Tee/Fuel cock is provided on the left side.
Bajaj NS 125
Fiery orange Color.
  • So that rider can easily switch into reserve mode while riding & no other 125 cc bike provides this.
  • Speaking about the rear section below the tail light a minimal licensee plate holder is mounted carrying indicators.
  • Besides this company has provided a rear tire hugger to protect the rider from slush and mud & helps to keep the bike clean at the rear.
  • Another aspect of this bike is the safety bajaj provides a leg guard with the bike & saree guard can be fitted to it.
Bajaj NS 125
Parked On Main Stand
  • Besides this side stand engine cut-off also there it works when you engage first gear without releasing the stand engine gets automatically shut.

Ride & Handling

  • When it comes to riding and handling bajaj pulsar always offers a sporty yet comfortable ride.
  • Like the Bajaj Pulsar RS200, it’s the only bike that offers the fun of having a fully faired bike and the comfort of a commuter bike.
Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
Digital Speedometer.
  • This is the case with the NS125 which offers split seats. The rider’s seat is nice and wide whereas the pillion seat is decent.
  • Further adding comfort to this bike is raised clip-on on the handlebar which is raised to keep your back straight.
  • And footpegs are slightly rear set and believe me this bike is fun to ride on city and twisty roads.
  • Another nice thing is that company has provided a digital speedometer with an analog tachometer at the center.
Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
Backlid Switch Gears.
  • On the left side of the tachometer, it shows low battery warning, high/low beam, engine malfunctioning & neutral position light.
  • And on the right side screen, it shows Digital Clock, Side Stand Warning, Speedo, and odometer.
  • Besides this fuel level bar can be seen within the tachometer & two buttons are mounted below it to set the trip.
  • One thing I like is bajaj is offering back lid switches as you start the bike blue color illuminates the switch gear that making it easy to ride in at night.

Osram HS1 Silver Star Headlight Bulb (12V, 35W)

Bajaj NS 125
Osram Best Quality Bulb.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: All motorcycle models of Bajaj, Suzuki, TVS, Hero Honda, Bullet, and Mahindra.
  • Up to 20 m longer beam, Hazards more rapidly recognized & Modern design with silver cap.
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Pulsar NS 125 Colours

Bajaj NS 125
Pulsar ns 125 blue colour
  • When it comes to choosing colors I take a lot of time to choose colors and I love vibrant colors like Yellow, Orange, Green & red.
  • But thanks to bajaj to add new vibrant colours with attractive graphics & also the overall design of the bike matches the colors.
  • Bajaj is offering four different colours Fiery orange, burnt Red, Beach blue & Pewter grey.
  • Among all these colors I like the Orange color the most than the Burnt red color.
  • And in this blog, I have shown Images of Pulsar NS125 with orange colors.

Pulsar NS 125 BS6 Engine

Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
125 CC Engine and Brake pedal.
  • Above paragraph, we have discussed a lot about the design and features of the bike.
  • Now let’s see what this 125 cc electronic carburetor engine offers to us or if this engine is enough.
  • Before start saying anything, this 125 cc is exactly the same as we have in the old bajaj Discover 125.
  • When I saw this engine for the first time I instantly recognized as that Discovers 125 engine.
  • Performance vise this engine delivers good initial and mid-range power and there is enough top end to entertain you.
  • As this 125 cc engine what you can expect this engine is not designed to rev hard all day long.
  • Powering this Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 is a single-cylinder, Air-Cooled 124.45 cc 4-valve carburetor engine.
  • That generates 11.8 hp and 11 nm of torque. and a 5-speed gearbox delivering the power to the rear wheel smoothly.
  • And the gearbox offeres a nice smooth experience that is what a rider demands during the ride.
  • One thing that bajaj did really good is adding 5 th gear because when you are riding on the highway.
  • The engine came into stress and the fifth gear reduces the stress and makes the engine able to deliver great performance on the road.
Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
Rear Wheel And Gear Shifter.
  • Another thing that I appreciate is that when every auto company adapts Fuel injection Technology Bajaj still offers carburetors.
  • The reason behind it is it’s easy to maintain, reduces cost, and if you run out of fuel then you dont need to bother.
  • Because the Fuel injection system required a minimum of 2 liters of petrol in it to run the entire injection system.
  • And in case your petrol tank gets empty the fuel pump gets damaged and it cost more to get a new one.
Bajaj NS 125
Getting Ready for PDI
  • I think bajaj knows about their needs that’s why it provides kick and self-start for more convenience.
  • Another thing is to meet the BS6 compliant bajaj have added extra catalytic convert to it with an oxygen sensor to the exhaust.
  • But I, am not a big fan of underbelly exhaust because design-wise it doesn’t look cool & if you are riding it rainy season water could enter into it.
  • One more when you look at the bike you may think that it water-cooled engine because the radiator grill is bolted up front.
  • So don’t be fooled by its design and that’s it from my side about the engine performance of the bike.
Engine type4-Stroke, SOHC 4-Valve, Air Cooled, BSVI Compliant DTS-i Ei Engine.
Displacement124.45 cc
Max Power8.82 kW (11.8 hp) @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque11 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Starting SystemKick & Self.
Transmission5-speed constant mesh.

Suspension And Brakes performance

Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
Brakes and Suspension.
  • When it comes to riding comfort brakes and suspension plays an important role.
  • So Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is equipped with telescopic forks up front & Mono shocks at the rear.
  • The suspension system is not too stiff or soft but absorbs bumps efficiently.
  • Besides this 240 mm disc with dual-piston caliper up front and a 130 mm drum at the rear.
  • This bike doesn’t have an ABS Anti Lock braking System but it has CBS System.
  • CBS system stands for Combined Braking System that applies both brakes at the same time.
  • Like if you apply the rear brake front brake will automatically apply via a mechanism.
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks.
Rear SuspensionMono shocks.
Front Brakes240 mm Disc with two Piston Floating Caliper.
Rear Brakes130 mm Drum CBS
Tyres80/100-17 Tubeless.
100/90-17 Tubeless.

Pulsar NS 125 Mileage

  • In this part I will share real mileage figures of popular NS125 & believe me I am impressed with it.
  • In the city, Pulsar NS125 delivered 64.75 kmpl & on the highway, it delivered 56.46 kmpl.
  • And when this bike ride was in mixed conditions like on the highway & in traffic it delivered 62.4kmpl.
  • As this bike offers great mileage I can suggest anyone for daily commute.
MileageKilometers Per Liter
City 64.75 kmpl.
Highway56.46 kmpl.
Mixed Riding Condition62.4 kmpl.

Pulsar NS 125 Top Speed

Pulsar NS 125 Five Reasons To Buy This Bike
Grey Color.
  • Here comes another factor top speed and this bike is designed to hit max speed.
  • You can ride this bike all day at 60 kmph without stress because it has 4-valve & 5-Speed gearbox.
  • During the test, Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 BS6 hit 110 kmph speed & at the certain condition it could achieve 116 kmph max speed.
Top Speed110-116 kmph.

Pulsar NS 125 Seat height

  • Now seat height plays an important role in delivering a great riding experience.
  • If your short a height guy you will face a problem not being able to rest your both feet on the ground.
  • And If you are tall that your knees could touch the handlebar while taking turns.
  • The seat height of Pulsar NS125 is 805 mm means a shorter rider can seat comfortably on it.

Dimensions of Pulsar Ns125

Length/Width/Height2012/810/1078 mm.
Wheelbase1353 mm.
Ground Clearance.179 mm.
Seat Height805 mm.
Kerb weight144 kg.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160

  • Bajaj Pulsar also comes with 160 and 200 cc engines with similar designs but different engines.
  • Although Bajaj has also launched its pulsar n 160 with dual channel ABS with unique styling.
  • Pulsar NS 160 comes with a single cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve twin spark F.I engine with oil cooling.
  • This engine delivers 17.2 ps of power and 14.6 nm of torque & a 5-speed gearbox comes with it.
  • Talking about mileage Pulsar NS 160 delivers 45 kmpl mileage and 120 kmph top speed.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

  • Now, this pulsar NS 200 shares its design with the pulsar NS125 and NS 160.
  • And Pulsar NS 200 also comes with a fully faired version called Pulsar RS 200.
  • It’s a really powerful bike it has a single cylinder, 199.5 cc 4-valve liquid-cooled triple spark technology.
  • And the 6-speed gearbox is available with this bike its a really high-performance bike.
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS200 mileage is 35 kmpl and top speed is 136 kmph.

5 Reason To buy Pulsar NS125

  1. Sporty Design.
  2. Good Mileage.
  3. Ride & Handling.
  4. Engine.
  5. Price.

So that’s all about my side I have tried to give information about this bike as much as possible.

And please share this post with your friends as well.

Avinash Sharma (Blogger)

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