Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

Last updated on December 25th, 2023 at 05:14 pm

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Pulsar 150 is the most popular bike of India 2022 and it comes with 3 models Bajaj Pulsar TD/SD & Neon. price starts from Rs 104,448/- Lakh. & goes up to Rs 114,176/- Lakh. the top model of this bike looks like the older Bajaj Pulsar 180 which is discontinued & this bike gives 57 kmpl Mileage.

Whats new in the Bajaj pulsar 150 2023?

In this 2022 model, you will get pulsar 180 styles like Split seats, rear Disc brakes, only self-Start and long tail portion whereas on the SD model, you will get a single seat, drum brakes at the rear and kick + self-start. and its neon model comes in attractive colours.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 Price 2023

  • Bajaj is offering three Variants of the 2023 Pulsar 150 that is Pulsar 150 TD/SD/Neon.
  • Below I have shown the ex-showroom Delhi price & contact the nearest dealer for the exact price.
  • On-Road price Approx Rs 135,702/- Kolkata ex-showroom for the top model.
Bajaj Pulsar 150 TDRs 115,750/- Lakh.
Bajaj Pulsar 150 SDRs 110,752/- Lakh.
Neon Pulsar 150 (Discontinued)Rs 104,448/- Lakh.

Key Specs of Pulsar 150 BS6

Horse Power – 14 PSTop Speed – 129 kmph.
Mileage – 57 kmpl.Seat Height – 785 mm.
Displacement – 149.50 cc.Ground Clearance – 165 mm.

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Q What does this Blog Contain?

In this blog, you will read the complete review of your favourite 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar with all its features, price and colours.

Q Is Pulsar 150 top speed?

The Pulsar 150 Top Speed is 129 km/h as tested by the rider but I must say that it varies from rider to rider.

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Q Does Pulsar 150 have kick?

Well, if you buy the Bajaj Pulsar 150 SD model then you will get a Kickstarter and if you get a Pulsar 150 split seat and twin disc model then you dont get a kick start.

Q Is Pulsar 150 discontinued?

No not at all Pulsar 150 has launched in the BS7 OBD-2 variant and you can get a single-seat and twin-disc variant.

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Best Engine oil for your bike

  • Currently, I am using Servo 20W-40 engine oil in the Hero Honda Splendor Plus & Pulsar 150 models.
  • And is great engine oil and you can use this oil in any 150 and 200-cc bike.
Servo Engine Oil
Pouring Oil in Splendor Plus.

Pulsar 150 BS6 Design, Features & Images

pulsar 150
Front View.
  • Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular bikes in India and even it’s the most significant selling 150 cc bike today.
  • Recently Bajaj has also launched its 125 cc Pulsar to fulfill the requirement of a budget performance bike.
  • And believe me, the design won’t look outdated till now even when so many other bikes are available on the market.
  • In 2022 bajaj added a new paint scheme to its entire pulsar range and also improved the overall quality of the bike.
  • So in this blog, I have shown various images for you guys so that it will be easier for you to analyze the bike.
pulsar 150
Right Side View.
  • One more thing I want to add bajaj Launched its 180 and 200cc oil-cooled pulsar in 2008 with a split seat design.
  • This time with 150 cc pulsar they have tried to add the design of their old 180 cc pulsar design with minor changes.
  • when I saw this bike I was completely amazed at the design they have added the fun of a 180 cc design to a 150 cc bike.
  • One that has not changed is the Pulsar signature look and almost anyone can remember that it’s a Pulsar bike.
pulsar 150
White Color Bajaj 150 cc Pulsar 2020
  • Up front Pulsar 150 gets reflector-type headlights with two eyes-shaped pilot lamps as we got on previous pulsars.
  • And rear taillight is equipped with LED
  • and the design of the dual strip is also the same Besides this clear lens indicators also come with a bulb.
  • What’s new is Bajaj has treated some body panels with a fake carbon fibre finish just to add a premium look to them.
  • On side panels, front fender, tail cowl, and around the instrument cluster you can see the carbon fibre finish.
pulsar 150
Carbon Fiber Finished Side Body Panels
  • Besides these new graphics, companies have added colours to this bike just to keep it up to date but the design remains the same.
  • It’s because the design of the pulsar is so good that the company doesn’t need to change it to compete with another bike.
  • In 2022 company added split-type grab rails split seats and rear disc brakes just to make it look more appealing.
  • Besides this clip-on handlebar is new and I think it now has more rear sets to offer a sporty yet comfortable riding position.
Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023
Instrument Cluster
  • Another change you can see on the speedometer it now shows distance to empty, Instant fuel economy.
  • Average fuel economy, Trip A and Trip B and there is an indicator that glows when you rev harder and reach the rev limit.
  • But the layout of the instrument cluster is the same Part digital and part analog whereas the left part shows RPM and the right side shows speed.
  • let’s have a look over the switch gear quality it’s again the same as the previous pulsars as you can see in the images.
pulsar 150
Rear Right Three Quarter View.
  • Speaking about safety your 150cc pulsar comes fitted with a leg guard, saree guard, and side stand engine cut-off switch.
  • And in this BS6 pulsar, you will see an engine cowl to add sportyness to the bike just like pulsar 220F.
  • So that’s all about design and the rest of the things you can see in the images of the 150cc pulsar that I show posted.

Pulsar 150 colors

pulsar 150
Neon Lime Green and Silver Color.
  • Our 150 cc pulsar is now available with new graphics although the color remains black.
  • Currently, Bajaj is offering three colours with the Pulsar 150 TD/SD that is Sparkle Black Red, Silver, and sapphire black blue.
  • And with Pulsar 150 neon there are also three colors Lime green neon, RED, and Silver.
  • Personally among all these colours, I like the Lime green Neon and Sparkle Black colour the most.
  • And I have shown all these colours in the images that I have posted in this article.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc

pulsar 150
Split and twin Disc Brake model.
  • Let’s have a look over the different models that Bajaj is offering to us.
  • Bajaj is currently offering three models of 150 cc pulsar that is Pulsar 150TD/SD and Neon.
  • The 150 TD model gets split seats, split grab rails, and twin discs one in front and one in the rear.
  • The second model is 150 SD and gets a single seat non-split grab rails and a single disc on the front and rear wheel sensors.
  • The third model is our favorite neon variant that looks the same as the SD model but doesn’t get and rear wheel sensor.
  • I like the Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc because it looks visually bigger and sporty as compared to other 150 cc bikes.
L/W/H Dimension2035/765/1115 mm.
Wheelbase1345 mm.
Kerb Weight150 kg
Suspension F/RTelescopic, 37 mm Conventional fork.
Twin Shock absorber, Gas filled with Canister
Brakes F/R280 mm Dia. Disc
230 mm Dia. Disc.
Tyre Size Front90/90 17 Tubeless.
Tyre Size Rear120/80 17 Tubeless.
Starting SystemSelf Start.

Pulsar 150 bs6 Engine

pulsar 150
150 cc Engine and Brake Pedal.
  • First, let me tell you the main difference between the BS4 & BS6 models.
  • BS4 150 pulsar came with the carburetor and BS6 models come with F. I system and extra catalytic convertor.
  • One more thing I want to add is that the top model Pulsar 150 TD doesn’t come with a starting kick.
  • The Pulsar 150 SD/Neon single-seat model comes with a kick as well as a self-starting system.
  • Now let’s see the specifications and features of this BS6 engine and how it performs.
  • New Pulsar 150 is powered by 149.50 cc Air Cooled 2-Valve twin spark BS-6 DTS-I FI system.
pulsar 150
Fuel Injection System and Gear Pedal.
  • This single cylinder generates 14 PS of power and 13.25 NM of torque & 5-speed gearbox comes with it.
  • The Gear Shifting pattern is one down and four upshift patterns with a single shift gear changing foot lever.
  • Bajaj has added an extra catalytic converter with an oxygen sensor to meet the BS-6 norms.
  • If you are getting a top model of 150 cc pulsar you will not get a kick start and with a standard model, it’s available.
pulsar 150
Rear Right Quarter View.
  • performance of the engine is really strong and after adding fuel injection the power delivery gets more precise.
  • Initial pick-up and mid-range are great to know doubt and top-end power delivery is also acceptable for this 2-valve engine.
  • One thing you should have to keep in mind is that you have to keep a minimum of 2 liters of petrol on the bike every time as this FI bike.
  • when I rode this bike the power delivery was smooth and very less vibration was in the bike.
Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023
Left/Right Side Switch Gear Cluster.

Pulsar 150 Mileage

  • In the above paragraph, I have explained everything about the 150 cc engine.
  • Now I will share a user experience about mileage in the city and on the highway.
  • The user rode the bike at 80 kmph continuously on the highway and the bike delivered 43.81 kmpl mileage.
  • And then rode the bike in the city at 45kmph this delivered 57 kmpl mileage.
  • By analyzing mileage figures I can say that the mileage figures are really impressive for a 150 cc bike.
highway (80 kmph)43.81 kmpl
City (45 kmph)57 kmpl.

Pulsar 150 Top Speed

pulsar 150
Front and Rear Suspension.
  • The top speed of any bike depends upon riding conditions, road conditions, riders’ weight, and wind direction.
  • But I am sharing a real-world condition test of pulsar’s 150 top speed during the test this bike delivered 129 kmph top speed.
  • And in my opinion, it’s acceptable considering the engine capacity

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Seat Height

Can a rider shorter than 5 feet ride it easily?

  • This pulsar looks bigger especially the split seat model so if you are more than 5’8″ high.
  • you can easily place your both feet on the ground completely and the seat height is 785 mm.

Pulsar 150 Weight

  • All three model of 150 cc pulsar split seat has 150 kg weight and the neon/SD model have 148 kg weight.
  • This 150 cc pulsar is not that heavy which you can t handle it’s easy to handle on the road and in the city.
  • On more things, it comes with 165 mm ground clearance but if you are riding with pillion large speed breakers could be a problem.

Engine Specification And Dimensions

Engine type4-Stroke, 2-Valve, Twin Spark BSVI Compliant DTS-I FI Engine
Displacement149.50 cc.
Max Power10.3 kW (14 PS) @ 8500 rpm.
Max Torque13.25 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Fuel Tank15 Liters.
L/H/W Dimension2055/1060/750 mm.
Wheelbase1320 mm.
Ground Clearance165 mm.
Brakes F/RABS, 260 mm Disc/130 mm Dia. Drum
Suspension F/RTelescopic, 31 mm Conventional fork.
Twin Shock absorber, Gas filled with Canister.
Tyres F/R80/100 17 Tubeless.
100 / 90 17 Tubeless.
Kerb Weight148 KG.

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My Opinion About this bike

  • Now one thing I have to say Bajaj Pulsar 150 is an affordable bike that delivers great performance and mileage.
  • Bajaj has added new graphics and a paint scheme to the bike and now it’s BS6 compliant.
  • If somebody wants to buy this bike then I will say you should definitely buy it it’s really worth the money.

FAQ on Bajaj Pulsar 150

  1. Q1- What is the price of the Pulsar 150 top model?

    Ans- The price of the top model 150 cc pulsar is Rs 114,176/- Lakh. this model comes with split seats, rear disc brake, split pillion grab rails, wide rear tyre and kick is not available in this model.

  2. Q2- Are bajaj Pulsars good?

    Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

    And- yes, Pulsar is a most trusted brand of bajaj and in 2022 you have Pulsar 125, pulsar 200, NS 200 and much more. and recently Bajaj has launched its new Pulsar F250 & N250 also recently P150 is also in the market.

  3. Q3- Is Pulsar 150 good for college students?

    Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

    Ans- yes definitely because it not only looks good but also performs well and the mileage is 57 kmpl so anyone can consider this bike but it’s a powerful bike teenagers should ride it responsibly.

  4. Q4-Why do people love Pulsar?

    Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

    Ans- in my opinion, the Bajaj Pulsar looks stylish and offeres good mileage and power and service network of Bajaj is great and the bajaj bike comes with a low price tag as compared to KTM and Kawasaki bikes. and Pulsars becomes popular after stunt mania show.

  5. Q5-Is Pulsar a family bike?

    Pulsar 150 The Most Popular Bike Of India 2023

    Ans- Actually you can ride Bajaj Pulsar with two pillions easily but it’s considered dangerous so if you are looking for a bike suitable for your family go get a Scooty for you it’s the best option and you can also carry luggage it.

  6. Q6-Is Pulsar good for back pain?

    Ans- Well, pulsar bikes have upright sitting positions and high position handlebars so you dont feel pain on long journeys.

In this blog, i have tried to give all the information about this bike as much as possible.

The price can be changed and may vary according to the city so you should contact the nearest dealership.

Thank You.

Avinash Sharma (Bogger.)

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